Donnerstag, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you're having a lovely day with your family. Our Thanksgiving is working out to be a little odd--I had planned to go to my parents' with Ruth Ann and her family, but a combination of a cold and Paul wanting not to be left home alone kept me here.

Laurel's plans were foiled by kids with The Throwing Ups at their destination, so we will see them today. Then in the later afternoon, Paul and I will have our Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital as we did last year, since he is on call again.

But I've been thinking about what I'm thankful for all week. I keep thinking of more things, so I know this is only a partial list.

  • My family.

  • My husband is the best person in the world.
    My kids are super and so are their kids.
    My mom is nuts, but I still have her.
    My sister may not have cancer after all! Her doctor called on Wednesday and said he wants a second biopsy. Even if it is cancer, it was detected early and is treatable

  • My neighborhood.

  • We have a really low-crime neighborhood.
    Our neighbors are nice.
    One of the neighbors even has his own weather station.
    Utah is really beautiful all the time.
    There are lots of super knitters and knitting stores in our area.
    Teaching piano makes me nuts, but the piano kids are a lot of fun.

  • My country.

  • We have a stable government that we can change gradually as needed.
    We can do whatever we want within sensible and legal limits.
    We have religious freedom and (mostly) tolerance.

  • My circumstances.

  • I'm glad Paul got me my early music instrument collection even though I like to complain when I have to haul two harps, three recorders, and a krummhorn up the stairs into the music building for rehearsals.
    I'm grateful that Paul's job is stable. We need to work at getting out of debt, but we at least have hope of it. And we have a really low-interest home loan.
    I love my organ teacher.
    I have a wonderful yarn stash and I like knowing how to knit it.
    I'm grateful that Joanne and I both got into the Wollmeise yarn club.
    I am losing weight thanks to Overeaters Anonymous and my dietitian's advice.
    I'm thankful that I believe in God and have the strength of prayer in my life.

  • My friends.

  • Yes. You. You really make my day brighter with your comments and your own blogs.
    What are you thankful for?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Christmas yarns

    Yes. I am one of those people.
    I am hauling the tree upstairs as you read this.

    (back) Holiday Yarns Flock Sock in Candy Cane;
    (front) Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in The Loopy Ewe


    Lynn hat gesagt…

    I'm one of "those" people, too. Put up three Christmas-themed items while puttering last weekend, and got my hands virtually swatted for it. Wonder which box my Moostletoe holder is in?

    Margene hat gesagt…

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Your list is wonderful to read. You may need to join Sock Yarn Anonymous, however...but I'm not about to intervene and tell you so. ;-D

    No tickers