Dienstag, November 25, 2008

Gift Knitting

When three little girls show up on your doorstep to pick out yarn for their Christmas socks, you have a pretty good idea who will pick what.

Gabriela, who loves green, will want this one:

Ranco Solid
Araucania Ranco Solid color 102

Graciela, who love pink and purple, will want this one:

Ranco Multy
Araucania Ranco Multy color 318

Josefina, who will be one in January, doesn't really care.

But these are little girls, and their choices are not to be predicted. Miss Pink and Purple Gracie grabbed this and hugged it to her heart, only to have it drooled over by her sister, Miss Green Gaby:

Ranco Multy
Araucania Ranco Multy color 307

I'm pretty sure there is enough yarn for all three to get socks from this yarn.

The pattern is Moorish Tiles by local artist Anne Carroll Gilmour.

My black is actually a very dark navy which coordinates with all three of the yarns, so I was safe whatever the girls picked.

There are other gifts I would like to knit, but I bet I don't get more finished than these socks and Mystery Project.

Note: I got the Araucania and Moorish Tiles pattern at Black Sheep Wool in Salt Lake City. Mystery Project's yarn came from Blazing Needles, also in Salt Lake.

Guess which one I bought two of!

In other news:

Do you ever wonder what what the weather in your neighborhood really is? You know, when The Weather Channel says the wind speed is only 10 mph, but you just got blown off your feet by a hurricane-force gust? Now there's a weather info choice that will give you a lot more specific local information. It's at The Weather Underground.

You can enter your zip code for a weather report just like you get on The Weather Channel, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can find individual weather stations in your neighborhood. Our backdoor neighbor has a station, so we can get very local info. Turns out our wind wasn't quite Hurricane Force. It only made it to 49 mph. Has to be 74 mph to be Force 12, Hurricane. Our wind gusts were only Force 9, a Strong Gale.


Some people just don't give a hoot about the weather.

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