Freitag, Oktober 10, 2008

The Random Report

  • My mom is nuts

  • When I visited my parents this week, my mom had taken all the pictures off the walls and put them into her car "to move to the other house." Apparently she has been doing this for weeks. Ruth Ann saw the movie 50 First Dates, which makes her think mom would benefit from a scrapbook reminding her that the house where she has lived for ten years really is home, and the old house is gone.

    Random Fact: The house I grew up in has been replaced by a cluster of cabins.

  • The desert is beautiful

  • I didn't take a camera, and I wouldn't have stopped to take pictures anyway, but the fall colors are just stunning. The gold of the grass, the black and grey of the sagebrush, the weeds with oxblood stems and blackened leaves, and the ever-so-surprising occasional patch of rose . . . a photograph doesn't do them justice.

    After thirteen hours of desert driving in two days, I have the colors imprinted inside my eyelids anyway. Who needs photos?

    Random Fact: The desert I was driving through is the home of the Idaho Nuclear Laboratory (they like to pretend that the "N" stands for "National" but we cancer survivors know the truth).

  • The Pale Barney sweater is nearly done.

  • Brambling in progress
    Brambling by Marie Wallin, from Rowan's Story Book of Little Knits;
    knitted in Rowan's All-Seasons Cotton, color #203--"Pale Barney"

    This picture is a few days old. The body pieces are finished now. I think the sleeves are ready for the sleeve caps to be knitted.
    I will assemble the body of the sweater tomorrow and then try it on Princess Pea with the sleeves so far to see if they need to be a little longer.

    Not sure what to do about buttonholes, though. I hated the two-stitch buttonholes in this size yarn, so I knitted it without any buttonholes. I may swatch for steeked buttonholes. Why wouldn't that work? Shannon at Hemstitched Heirlooms will have pearl cotton to match my yarn, I bet.

    Random Fact: I knit faster with pink yarn. Desperation, I think.

    Laurel, I appreciate your giving me a chance to back out. I just like to complain.

  • Book Review

  • No, not The Graveyard Book. I only just started listening to it.

    Instead, I finished listening to Tintentod today. The verdict is finally in--I love the Inkheart series by German author Cornelia Funke. I wasn't so sure after book 2, Tintenblut/Inkspell. They're very dark for children's books. Lord Voldemort seems tame after you get to know Capricorn and Basta.

    Random Fact: The German titles of the books, Tintenherz, Tintenblut, and Tintentod, mean Inkheart, Inkblood and Inkdeath in English. These words are central to a key plot point, but for some reason the English-language edition of Tintenblut is called Inkspell.

  • Thanks to you, the piano club has a name!

  • I loved Terri's suggestion that we call the club "The Piano Animals," but the deal was that the name would be suggested by a student, so we will go with P.E.D.A.L. (Practice Every Day and Learn) which was suggested by 11-year-old Mick. His suggestion got 57% of the votes, winning him a coupson for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

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