Freitag, September 26, 2008

Yarny Update

A couple more kits came in Thursday's mail. Unfortunately, I could not get a good photo shoot. If you spread out a purple cloth and there is a Cesare in the room, you have a Cesare photoshoot, not a yarn photoshoot. Who gets to wear the purple toga around here, anyway?

Here is Cesare admiring the Tsock Flock kit #3, York and Lancaster.

tsock flock
Actually he was between bites

Cesare thinks he is King Richard. Sorry cat, Richard lost.

Here is Cesare rolling in the STR kit. The yarn is called Tide Pooling. These are my colors for this time of year!


Here is Turbo trying to get in on the action.


It's OK with me. Cats I can handle. Now if Jet shows up, the show is over. Nothing is safe from the acrobatic aerial torpedo. He can jump five feet straight up!

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KnitNana hat gesagt…

Looking at Cesare is like looking at The Meezer - they're TWINS! And I can't get enough of them...
Beautiful yarns!

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