Dienstag, September 23, 2008

Yarny Things: Austria

First there was airplane knitting. This very dark photo is the pair of Bellatrix socks in Wollmeise Poison #5 (dark) that I started on the way outbound last week.

I didn't want to disturb people by having a light on during the night, so didn't knit much on the way to Vienna. A bad idea. I couldn't sleep, so I should have knitted. The flight attendants passed out eyemasks, after all.

There was some frogging, too--70 stitches was too many for my foot.

On the way back I knitted most of the time. This represents about 14 hours of knitting.

And here we have the car project, Sanguine Gryphon's Traveller in the Austria colorway (cute, I know). I think these are probably mittens, not socks. They represent maybe 5-6 hours of knitting, representing how long it takes to get from Vienna to Salzburg and back.

And then there was the yarn acquired there. I remembered a knit shop in Salzburg from our last trip, and it was still there in Universitatsplatz, right where I remembered it.

Die Wolle

Die Wolle in Grünmarkt; their receipt says "Malle-Hemetsberger, 5020 Salburg Universitätsplatz 12, Telephone 0 66 2/84 16 52"

They have what looks like the entire collection of Opal Hundertwasser colors. I asked about the Harry Potter colorways, but they had not heard of them. I bought a couple of things that caught my eye.

The purple is Gedifra Aldato in colorway 9311; the gold is Gedifra Fiocco Oro in colorway 6607

Cherry got something froufy to knit a scarf, but left for Berlin before I thought to photograph it.

Die Wolle is not a serve-yourself shop. Most of the yarn is stored in neat and tightly packed rows of the plastic bags it's shipped in. When I reached to pull one out, the shopkeeper hurried to take it away from me. She was happier when I pointed to what I wanted and let her get it.

Then we went on to Vienna where we met Spinnwahn from Ravelry, and her husband.

He is a lifelong fan of St. Stephan's Cathedral and told us some terrific stories as we toured the cathedral. Later we had fun discussing kids, fiber, and politics over whipped cream-loaded hot chocolate, and Spinnwahn and I exchanged gifts and the trade we had arranged: I took her spindles and Knitpicks needles not readily available in Europe, and she gave me yarn she had spun and dyed.

As you can see, Spinnwahn is the Austrian version of die Wollmeise. These are some of her hand-dyed sock yarns:

And this is her handspun, hand-dyed Desert Sunset shawl kit, with colors I requested:

I can't wait to see how they knit up!

Spinnwahn says that Vienna is not a hotspot for knit shopping. She orders most of her wool online. Salzburg might be a sleeper. Cherry, not wanting to waste time, did not point out the several knitting shops that she noticed and I missed as we wandered around the old section of town. Hmmm. Food for further research on another trip?

Spinnwahn and tanasay

I swear my hair actually looks good sometimes; just not when I'm having my picture taken with someone (see me with the Yarn Harlot in an earlier blog post)

Hey, look! I've lost weight since the Yarn Harlot was here!

My creation


Lynn hat gesagt…

Yes, you *have* lost weight. I need to get on the scale at work this morning, because yesterday I was doing that T-shirt hanging out under the cropped jacket thing that the younguns do [LOL] and realized that my T-shirt was looser around my tummy than I remembered. And that I looked *good*. Always a good thing when that happens.

Yes, I think you should go back to Salzburg and check out those yarn shops. I think I should go with you [looking about for a firstborn male child to exchange for my plane ticket, and coming up empty].

Margene hat gesagt…

Your hair is fine, you look great! Nice yarn, too!

Tola hat gesagt…

neat Bellatrices. i have my first one done, and i cast on the horrible twisted ribbing for the second one. and i think you look mahhhvelous!

Spinnwahn hat gesagt…

You are so nice and you really look great! (But I do not like ME on pictures.)

I think I have to meet you in Salzburg the next time...

Joanne hat gesagt…

Looks like you had some yarny fun! And I think your hair does look good - it's windswept.

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