Montag, September 29, 2008

Surprise! It's a Sheep!

You may be surprised to learn that my number one shopping goal for Austria was not finding yarn. No, it was finding these guys:

Timmi Traumer, left, and Sven Startklar

Sven again

Timmi again

Nils Nickerchen and Oma Wolle

Now banned here by the FDA because the small toys could be dangerous to children, Kinder Surprise Eggs (aka Kinder Überraschungs Eier) are hollow chocolate eggs, milk chocolate lined with white chocolate, with a toy inside. Sometimes the toys are kind of dumb, and sometimes they are quite clever. Over the summer they were these adorable handpainted sheep. The white ones are Good Sheep. The black ones are Wild Sheep. There is chaos in the meadow!

To get the whole picture, you need to watch the TV ads for them. Go to the Kinder Überraschungs website and click on the egg to enter. Then click on the TV and click on the remote buttons to watch the ads. My favorite is on channel 5. Nils Nickerchen complains that he can't go to sleep. Oma Wolle (Grandma Wool) suggests that he count sheep. He points to her and says, "One . . ." then goes to sleep.

I bought way more Ü-Eier than yarn. In fact, I have enough to make a cake that calls for 22 of them in the filling (thanks for the recipe, Waldmaus!). The kids and I had an Ü-Eier opening party. I'm sorry for my grandchildren because they had to share with their grandmother. I wanted Oma Wolle very much for my toy collection. Princess Pea opened the egg with Oma in it, and kindly gave her to me. I owe that girl a sweater!

Note: We did get some black sheep, but the new owners disappeared with them before I could get pictures. Probably thought Grandma was going to commandeer them.

The Ü-Eier Torte was a big success. I felt kind of sorry for the 22 chocolate eggs being melted down in a pot of cream.

melting the Ü-Eier

The finished cake does not look like an entry for the chocolate show, but it tasted good.

Ü-eier Torte


Tola hat gesagt…

i can get Kinder Eggs here. had i known there was some with sheep, id have been going to get them!

Spinnwahn hat gesagt…

I love the sheep! I have some of my own, my boys were so kind to eat the chocolate and give the sheep to spinning mom. But I've got no Oma Wolle!!! :-(

Joanne hat gesagt…

The cake tasted good and was cute!

tapmouse hat gesagt…

I ADORE Kinder Eggs! My sister would bring home a case whenever she came to visit from Italy! She hasn't been home in a while and probably won't be for some time, but maybe I need to hint that her nephew would like some...! Wonder if the ones distributed in Italy have the cute sheepy in them?

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