Freitag, September 19, 2008

Meditations on Sock Clubs

My attitude towards sock yarn clubs has been evolving lately.

At first, the only club I knew about was Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I've knitted every kit as is except the very first one, which for some reason didn't work for me. I'm knitting that pattern right now, but in a different yarn.

Then it started to snowball. I've been in several Cosmic Fiber clubs, including two based on Harry Potter book covers (the British covers series, more colorful than the US ones, is just starting this month and you can still sign up) and Nefarious.

I was in Yarn Pirate for quite a while, and was in some of Zen Strings clubs. Right now I'm signed up for three or four Unique Sheep clubs--I'm especially excited about their upcoming Lord of the Rings club.

I'm in Tsock Flock and Fairy Tale as well--Tsock Flock is taking registrations for next year now, and Fairy Tale will be soon. And of course now I'm expecting my first entry from Die Wollmeise.

I've been in The Loopy Ewe club for two years, and just joined Knit-Purl's first sock club.

Thinking about it, there are several things that make me really like some clubs.

  • The Cult of the Artist

  • Sometimes it's the dyer. Sometimes it's the pattern designer. Sometimes it's both. I know I will be happy by anything that comes from Tina Newton at Blue Moon, Claudia Hoell-Wellman of Wollmeise, Lisa Grossman and Jennifer vanCalcar of Tsock Flock, Gryphon Perkins of Sanguine Gryphon, or Carrie Barraco of Cosmic Fibers.

  • The Community

  • The blogs and Ravelry groups that have grown up around some of the clubs are a lot of fun. The Wollmeise group is hilarious and multinational. The Tsock Flockers are erudite and eclectic. Gryphon's group is quieter, but pleasant to be around. I used to be excited about Blue Moon's group, but it's gotten so big I just stay in touch with a few members.

  • The Goodies

  • The Loopy Ewe and Unique Sheep take the cake for goodies. Treats, toys, and stuff. Lots of fun.

    You might ask yourself whether I knit all this stuff. Well, actually, no. As I mentioned, I've knitted almost everything from Blue Moon's club.

    I only joined Tsock Flock this year, but have so far knitted both of the offerings. At least I finished Firebird and I'm nearly done with Frenchman's Creek.

    I've knitted the first Fairy Tale but not done the embroidery.

    Pretty much all of the rest are sitting on the shelf, waiting their turn. There are wonderful designers, such as Cookie A., and super dyers, such as Wollmeise, on the shelf along with the rest. A person can only knit so fast.

    But I'm not renewing clubs any more now that I'm buying yarn with money gleaned from my piano studio. I have dropped a hint to Santa about Blue Moon, and I squeaked Tsock Flock in under the wire right before I started teaching again. With fewer kits being added to the pile, maybe I can actually enjoy knitting more of them.

    In fact, I sort of have my own private sock club. I kind of like that idea.

    I'm so sorry if I left anyone out! I love you,too!

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