Freitag, September 12, 2008

I Finish Packing

My packing is finished except for the knitting. The boarding passes are printed and tucked away in my suitcase, along with the stack of colorful Euros that I picked up yesterday (No, I am not going to leave them there).


I showed to the boys and they thought it was Monopoly money. I sure hope they're wrong.

The passports are in spiffy new holders. We are weenies and wear ours around our necks. We actually know someone in our neighborhood who was stuck in India for months because his passport was stolen.

A check of the weather for Vienna and Salzburg sent me to the closet for an umbrella and a light jacket. Oops--the jacket was put away with cat hair and pilling on it. An hour's work with tape and a Sweater Stone left it looking more or less presentable, though.

The iPods are loaded. I was hoping my audiobook of Tintentod would come today, but instead I have "Der Wüsteplanet" (Dune in German). I've printed adress labels to stick on postcards for the family, since I'm not taking my Palm Pilot (it's heavy and it only sort of works).

It's down to the print matter and the knitting.

Taking books on a trip is always a problem. They're heavy, but it's a pain to get stuck with nothing to read. I have a book on learning German vocabulary that Paul gave me that I could bring. I've been re-reading Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, which I think is his best book (although you have to read all the preceding Discworld books for it to really make sense, and I mean all of them).

The knitting is more difficult to decide. If I were going to be at home I would put the lace edging on Frenchman's Creek. However, it's cream and has beads. You know my rule about no white things on trips. And I have had beads all over an airplane before. Not going there.

So, what's small, interesting, and not white?

The Wollmeise kit did not show up. Instead I wound the incredibly gorgeous, dark Wollmeise Poison #5 that I got in a trade. I will do Bellatrix and this time keep them.

Wollmeise Poison #5 dark

I could only find size 0 needles, so I think I will add in a pattern repeat.

I also wound Austria to knit while looking out the window on the way to and from Salzburg.

Sanguine Gryphon Traveller in Austria

Sanguine Gryphon's Traveller

We have one Ravelry meetup planned. Sabine/Spinnwahn and her husband are going to take us on a tour of St. Stephens in Vienna. I picked up some spindles and Knitpicks needles for her, and she has some handspun, hand-dyed yarn for me.

In order to recognize each other we're going to wear hand-knitted scarves:



So if any Ravelers want to join us at the last minute, wear a knitted scarf and be at the main front door of Stefansdom on Friday at 9:30 a.m.


KnitNana hat gesagt…

Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see photos...

Justin hat gesagt…

have an awesome trip!
you sound like you have packing down to a science.
sounds exciting

smariek hat gesagt…

Sounds like you're gonna have a wonderful trip, and it's so clever of you to bring printed address labels! I will definitely have to remember that trick next time I travel.

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