Mittwoch, September 10, 2008

The Blog of Intent

Yes, I set out on Saturday with a blog post in mind. Camera in bag, I went to the Grand Opening at Blazing Needles with two of my daughters and their six children.

Blazing Needles

Yes, that's about how much photography there was. I spent most of the time in Cynthia's lovely garden entertaining the kids by not being able to find the stuffed animals they hid in the shrubbery.

I did go back later for the evening party with Joanne, but the camera never even crossed my mind.

The new stash had to be put away expeditiously to clear the decks for canning, so it didn't get photo'd either.

Saturday was actually pretty busy. We went to the Avenues Street Fair on Saturday, but the camera only made it out of the bag once.

Avenues Street Fair

Between getting the piano studio started for fall, trying (if not actually succeeding) to help Sharman with the kids and puppy while Chris is in Milwaukee, and getting ready for our trip, blogging has fallen through the cracks.

But I think the camera will get a lot of face time while we are in Austria. Check back in two weeks.


KnitNana hat gesagt…

Can't wait to see the Austria photos - have a great trip!
And that little cottage is darling...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Have a great time in Austria!!!

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