Donnerstag, September 11, 2008

Aufgeregt! (nicht enttäuscht)

I have this excited, tingly feeling today. I think my Wollmeise club kit is going to come.

There was a lot of angst over the club. First of all, over 1000 people signed up for only 535 places in the club. I had promised it to Joanne for her birthday if one of us got in. She, with incredibly generosity and kindness, offered to share the club with me since there are two skeins in each shipment.

But then a few days later Joanne got in, too! So we are both waiting for packages. Joanne, are you feeling excited and tingly?

It's possible that I just feel tingly and excited because we're leaving for Austria on Saturday. The dollar strengthened enough against the Euro that I was able to get a little more spending cash than I thought. But I am not quite ready to go. It's hard to decide what to take for airplane knitting.

  • I might take poor, frogged Digitessa.

  • If the Wollmeise kit comes before we leave I will take that and knit Norwegian socks with it.

  • LVS1
    from Denise's Needleworks, a new Norwegian (I think) book of socks, hats, scarves and mittens
  • I have some gift knitting to do, but the one that would be interesting enough to do on the plane is white, and my rule for airplane knitting is: not white, not big, and not boring

  • I started Adamas with the idea of knitting it on the plane, but it isn't grabbing me.

  • I have interesting things to knit for Paul and Cherry for Christmas, but I don't want to sit by them for hours working on their gifts.

  • For car knitting I have some sport weight from Sanguine Gryphon, Traveller in the Austria colorway. Couldn't resist.

    Oh no, I shouldn't have gone to her website looking for a picture. There isn't one, but Wales is there.

    ETA: No Wollmeise kit today


    Tola hat gesagt…

    friday maybe?

    Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

    Those Rav threads go so quickly I can't keep up. I'll have to keep my eye out for my yellow/green slip in the mail too.

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