Samstag, August 09, 2008

Why is my room the family dump?

My room always has piles of stuff in it. I clean them out and they come right back. Could it be because when people say, "What shall I do with this?" my response is always, "Put it in my room and I'll figure it out later"?

There's a kind of domino effect. For example, I can't put the knitting books away because I need another book shelf downstairs. I have no excuse for the yarn, because it's actually under control right now. However, I was keeping yarn in the china cabinet and now that the dishes are back in there some yarn did get displaced.

There's also the Trusty effect. If stuffing can be pulled out of it or bits can be chewed off from it, then Trusty wants to be right in there. His special hiding place is in our room, so the stuffing and bits end up there.

Yes, I am making a valiant effort to eliminate the stuff yet again. Here's what I've gotten done so far:

  • Took my TiVo apart, blew the dust out, and put in a new hard drive.

  • It is still not working right so I think I will need to do this again. Since I'm not sure the old hard drive really needed to be replaced, it is still in the bedroom waiting for me to decide where to put it. Does that mean I can't check it off my list?

  • Wound the two skeins of yarn for Paul's Ram Club sock kit and knitted the toes.

  • Ram Club socks

    Yes, I put the project in the awesome bag I bought at Barnes and Noble on Thursday when I was feeling sorry for myself because of not allowing myself to eat more cheese fries at Training Table.


    I put the bag in the closet on a shelf. I think that should count.

  • Ordered yarn for Piper's Brambling sweater, since the sale yarn I bought last fall wasn't working as to gauge.

  • I put the knitting book in my nightstand. Since the sweater yarn put me into the discount range at Webs, I ordered a couple of skeins of sock yarn as well. Does this explain why the yarn stash doesn't stay in control for long?

  • Took a nap.

  • That was really important since I was up until about 4:00 a.m. trying to figure out if the TiVo was fixed or not.

  • Caught the Wollmeise update sometime around midnight

  • It's not gambling if you don't have to put out cash every time you F5, right?

  • Found my missing church keys

  • Whew, that was a big one! God forgives most sins, but not losing your church keys. For that there is no atonement.

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    Lynn hat gesagt…

    I am *so* glad that my new calling does not come with church keys. I think I've solved my "six days" situation. Pictures tomorrow.

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