Mittwoch, August 06, 2008

We go to the Joe Cocker concert

Paul has loved Joe Cocker since the 1970's. I think my introduction to him was more recent*, but I agree with Paul that John Belushi's Saturday Night Live satirization of Cocker's on-stage style is one of the funniest moments in television.

We finally got to see Joe in person last week when he came to Salt Lake to open for the Steve Miller Band.

I travelled light, taking only my phone and knitting.

Joe Cocker

STR Lightweight in Kaw Kaw; Ceder Creek sock pattern

The phone's camera has limited resolution, so you can just barely see Cocker:

My creation

He sang our favorites, such as "You Can Keep Your Hat On," and "A Little Help From My Friends." He screamed and he twitched.

It was super.

It was hard to knit because two chicks kept climbing over us as they left for beer, the bathroom, and who knows what else. It was hard to see because aging hippies in front of us stood up to groove. I took earplugs for both of us, having been to an outdoor concert more recently than Paul. It was loud even with earplugs.

It was super anyway.

We did not stay for Steve Miller. Paul has very specific tastes in music.

*After the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix started breaking up or dying I became a classical music nerd and for about ten years I didn't listen to much rock that Paul didn't bring home.


Margene hat gesagt…

I saw both Steve Miller and Joe Cocker YEARS ago. Those were the days. Friday I'll be reminiscing about Led I said...those were the days. Sigh.

Lynn hat gesagt…

My favorite song is *his* version of "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window". I do love Sir Paul, but he can't match Joe Cocker for passionate nonsense.

Not stay for Steve Miller? I came late to him, and I'd have sent hubbo home in a cab...

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