Freitag, August 29, 2008

It's been a Hard Day's Night

The piano open house is over.

After a busy morning at Kinko's, Office Max, and the grocery store, I picked up some goodies at the bakery.

the treats are ready to roll

Laurel and Sharman helped me put the folders together.

The new folders are ready to go

I practiced my presentation on the grandkids, most of whom are in my studio, then went off to wind my Sappho.

Come to me in Crete

It looked mostly blue in the skein (see yesterday's post), but the blend of colors gives it an earthy feel in the ball.

A few piano families showed up. We even got one dad! There was a lot of downtime.

More Adamas

A survey of the table at the end of the day demonstrates that the most popular finger food for piano students is without question donut holes.

No more donut holes

Jet did not get any donut holes, but he was exhausted by all the excitement.

Jet asleep in his water bowl

Hurray for a long weekend! I will hit the ground running on Tuesday afternoon. Luckily the 6:45 a.m. student comes on Wednesday . . .

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