Dienstag, Juli 29, 2008

Working Through

What's been going on here . . .

Jet and Trusty can play together now, although it makes Jet naughty to play with another dog.

Chris's voice student improved marginally. Last week I thought I was going to have to leave the house. This week I just had to stay in the bedroom with the door closed.

I have all the details for my retreat food for Saturday figured out except a side dish for dinner. I need something that can just be reheated on a camp stove. Maybe Spanish rice. Or, I have an Indian rice that has some vegetables in it that reheats nicely. What do you think? It has to go with steak, rolls, and salad.

Things to do: Shop and cook on Thursday. Cook on Friday (rolls, brownies, the rice or potatoes, pound cake). Stay in fancy-pants hotel* on Friday night to be nearby and oversee the food for Saturday (breakfast will come early).

I have been working on the overdue exchange project from retreat three years ago. I don't think the person will be at retreat, so I don't need to have it done by Saturday. But I can't work on anything else until it is done because I feel guilty.

It is a scarf.

Handspun scarf

The cute edge on the scarf is the Channel Island cast-on, which I learned for the Frenchman's Creek socks.

*Paul disapproves of camping. We always stay in Park City in some kind of air conditioned place during the retreat. He has different reasons for not wanting me to sleep in a tent. Sometimes he thinks rabid hippies will rob and attack me. Sometimes it's the hikers he worries about. Maybe there are bears in Park City.

I like Park City. I would like to sell our house and move there. I am not afraid of hippies, hikers, or bears. At least not in Park City.

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Lynn hat gesagt…

I am astonished to find myself siding with Paul. Camping is one of those "foolish traditions of the fathers" that we are warned about in the Book of Mormon. [Though sometimes it's a "foolish tradition of the mothers". My best friend at work likes to camp, too.]

I like my food chlorinated and my bathwater dead. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Have fun in spite of me!

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