Mittwoch, Juli 09, 2008

Out of Ribbing Purgatory

Frenchman's Creek cuffs

An artifact of the severe hypothyroidism I experienced three years ago preparatory to my cancer treatment is a shortened attention span.

At least I can pretend that's what causes it.

I knitted 20 rows of twisted stitch ribbing on size 0 needles, only to find out that the pattern calls for size 1. I figured this out only because the pattern designer pointed it out to me when I commented that my socks seemed awfully tight.

True, before casting on I had glanced at the pattern requirements. Yah, yah, it's a kit, it's all there. Not having the patience to read all the details, I assumed that since it was the same yarn that came in our last kit, I would want to use the same needles.

Never assume anything with knitting. Always read the pattern. All of it. All the words, even.

So, I frogged, and reknitted. All 20 rows.

I am taking no chances with the rest of the instructions. I charted them, and double-checked with the designer to make sure I got them right.


Photo edited so as not to reveal any trade secrets

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