Dienstag, Juli 22, 2008

Lookit the pretty colors!

We have been to the zoo two weeks in a row. Princess P and OE have year-round school, so we wanted to get a couple of visits before their first day yesterday.

I could watch this guy all day:

monkey, originally uploaded by tanasay.

This simian creature (ape? monkey?) was so graceful.

I collected colors:

a good color

bird eating carrot

He is eating a carrot!

I collected yarn, too (not from the zoo, though--it came in the mail):

fish sock kit

The blue yarn on the right came with my kit, a sea-going sock with a fish in a net from the Sanguine Gryphon Fairy Tale Club. I felt guilty knitting socks this cute for myself if I didn't knit them as well for a couple of 3-year-olds I know. The skein on the left is the refill I ordered. Only, guess which one I'm knitting for me and which one I'm knitting for the little girls?

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Lynn hat gesagt…

All very lovely, and what is the woven background in the yarn picture? I haven't been to the zoo in ages; might be something fun to do this weekend.

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