Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

It's hot out there

Every now and then someone asks about my Graveyard Book counter.

I just figured, hey, there's a counter, I might as well put it on.

The Graveyard Book is by Neil Gaiman. If you saw the movie, Stardust, you have an idea what his work is like.

The Graveyard book will be one of his more for children books, but I enjoy all of those just as much as his books for adults. There is a short story in Fragile Things* where a boy plays with a ghost; maybe it's going to be an expansion of that idea.

I am working on my Tsock Flock Spoiler Frenchman's Creek socks, but with only a few rows of ribbing finished I'm not bothering with photos.

I'm also starting a scarf with the handspun I did for local guild exchange three years ago. Yes, it's ridiculous, but whatever, I've already dyed her fiber and spun it, so she might as well get a product.

And no, I'm not signing up for any more exchanges.

Surprisingly, I have a problem with perfectionism. This project is three years behind schedule because I thought my work wasn't good enough. And some of the dyeing really was horrible; I need to overdye one of the yarns.

In fact, maybe I'll do that first and go back to my idea of a fair isle kind of wrap, because the yarn is just varied enough (shades of purple) that it looks odd with both of the pattern stitches I've swatched (first knits and purls, then cables).

Huh. I wonder if color remover powder works on wool. The problem with the original dye was that I got it too bright.

Zoobers. I gotta go check this out!

*Note: A lot of the stories in Fragile Things are not for kids. I would rate the collection R for violence, sex, and scary stuff. I listened to it in Audible, so got some surprises along the way.

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