Dienstag, Juli 08, 2008

Independence Day Eatathon

We spent most of Independence Day cooking, and the rest of it eating.

Chris made lasagna, but it was frozen for another day.

lasagna making

He was unhappy with how the pasta came out, but to the uneducated bystander it looked pretty good.


He cooked his sauce all day on Thursday, and he and Sharman cut up or grated three kinds of cheese. There will a vegetarian lasagna, too, but this one has meat sauce and prosciutto. For some reason there wasn't any linguica so Chris used generic Italian sausage.

lasagna progress
The Dimetap was not included in this particular project

I made a potato salad, and invented something to do with my black and white pasta.

black and white salad
Black and white farfalle from Caputo's in Salt Lake

It looked boring so I had to add the sundried tomatoes. Most family members were unwilling to try pasta dyed with squid ink, but Chris's aunt liked it.

I also put in a lot of time on homemade ice cream, but it didn't last long enough to photograph. Surprisingly, I was able to stick with my food plan by keeping the portions small.

I am grateful to live in a country where, despite soaring food and gas prices, we still have enough to eat. And air conditioning.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Congrats on resisting the lure of the eatathon! I have to say, that lasagne pasta looks mighty fine to me. And how sad I wasn't there--I love squid ink pasta.

Tola hat gesagt…

yes, and air conditioning. id eat the black pasta, it looks yummy.

Justin hat gesagt…

All this German has me confused. took me a bit to find the "leave comment" button
Speaking of Germans, my parents return from Germany today.

Does this mean that Chris made his own pasta for his lasagna of death? (and has he invented a new name for his killer lasagna?)

If Chris made lasagna, why was it frozen for another day?

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