Montag, Juli 07, 2008

I'm glad we have that sorted

So I figured out why I was so angry. I called a friend who knows about these things, and she said that I should talk to my anger and ask it what it was trying to tell me.

So I did, and after thinking about it, my anger said, "You were planning to only buy yarn with money you earn teaching piano lessons! And you're not even going to be teaching for the next two months! That is really harsh. What if there isn't enough to go around?"

Good point, Anger. Thanks for pointing that out.

Maybe I will just sort of ease into the financially responsible thing. We'll just deal with one thing at a time. Thanks to what I've learned through Overeaters Anonymous, I've stayed on my food plan for three whole weeks, and that includes the Independence Day Eatathon. That's probably enough change for now.

However, it also makes me really angry that I have to frog my Frenchman's Creek socks because I ignored the needle recommendation and they are TOO TIGHT.

Anger is a new emotion for me, one that in the past I hid under food. Maybe I'll just enjoy it for a while.


Lynn hat gesagt…

Anger is a pretty good diagnostic tool. I used to be amazed that one of my friends had several books on understanding anger, anger management, etc. That was before I had teenagers, and before I realized that my marriage was headed south, and why. When I learned that depression is buried anger, and I asked myself "is there anything in my life that a sane person would be upset about?" and I started making a list, well that list grew exponentially, and I got madder and madder and madder for about three days, and then I made a plan. Three years later I was nearly done with my associates' degree, and the children's father had been disinvited to live with me, and now about the only thing that makes me livid is when somebody picks on my kid, or somebody else's kid.

Financial responsibility is graduate-level coursework as far as I am concerned. I wish there were a way to audit...

I just keep re-enrolling in an effort to bring up my average.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

I know. Me too. Still...

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