Dienstag, Juni 03, 2008

Unofficial Summer of Socks

I am not in the Summer of Socks, so I don't have to wait for June 21st to go nuts with sock knitting.

I have been knitting like a maniac to finish the knitting on these socks:

socks with crenellations
Briar Rose in Eidos Sock Yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon

so that I could start working on these socks:

purple and pattern
The Rockin' Sock Club kit for May: The Incredible Shrinking Violet, with Cleopatra's Stockings, a pattern by Yarnissima

The Briar Rose socks are another project with a lot of embellishment. Inspired by the "castle wall stitch"

wall stitch

I decided to add crenellations to the top of my sock (I also used intarsia instead of embroidery for the gilding on the window, which was a pain in the you-know and I wish I hadn't):


What I wish I had done differently on the crenellations was 1) plan ahead and 2) make the gaps smaller. My crenellations did not come out evenly spaced because I didn't think about the total number of stitches, but just barged blindly into a complicated procedure that I don't have time to redo. The balance between gaps and crenellations is all wrong. With gaps that big, I would not be able to hide many archers on the roof. Inaccurate. Sad.

The reason why I didn't do the needed planning is the same reason I don't design knitting patterns in the first place. I hate counting and planning and doing math. I can sometimes manage to swatch. If I had swatched the crenellations I might have noticed that the size and spacing were bad, but only actual math would have solved the spacing problems.

I think I am the same kind of musician that I am knitter. It is much easier for me to improvise using someone else's composition than to start from scratch and write my own. And I run into the same problems improvising music that I do with knitting--I take a wrong turn tonally and my improvisation is suddenly in a key I can't even play it in, or else clunks back into place so that a 2-year-old could tell the harmony is wrong. I could plan my improvisations, too, couldn't I? My organ teacher would be so surprised.

Incidentally, the Briar Rose pattern calls for vines and roses to be embroidered on the castle walls. I am going to cheat (I think) and use beads for the roses, although I may embroider some buds. If the yarn and beads match well enough. And if the beads don't look dumb.

Click the picture for a link to Fire Mountain


Margene hat gesagt…

I'm a little worried my Mojo will return in time for the summer of socks. Keep up the good work!

Lynn hat gesagt…

Those certainly look like Mensa beads to me. Not dumb at all.

tapmouse hat gesagt…

Gads but you are stinkin' clever, Tan! I LOVE these socks and who cares that the spacing in wrong on the crenellations (new vocab for me, btw...)? Besides, sometimes things are purposely done out of proportion in order to better convey an overall interpretation visually, don't you think? Had they been properly spaced, it might not be so obvious what the socks are supposed to look like! Love the idea of the rose trellis, too! (Now don't go trying to get those to scale!-lol!)

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