Freitag, Juni 20, 2008

A rose is a rose is a bead

Happy Solstice, everyone! I am a little sad at the prospect that the days will be getting shorter now. Ironically, I love winter but don't function well in the dark.

But it's summer now; we must enjoy it while we can!

My project for the day:

I am trying to decide which beads to put on my Briar Rose socks.

If I go with the red beads, I can have some buds in the gorgeous red yarn that Gryphon sent with the kit.


On the other hand, these pink ones are so delicate and pretty! I probably have some pink yarn that would give me matching rosebuds.


I don't like how the lavender ones look on the grey, but they will be fun to use in a grandkid project.


I probably ought to go with the red ones. They match my house.

P.S. I like having a singer back in the house. He is doing Puccini right now.


Lynn hat gesagt…

Red climbing roses at the door? Lavender growing near the front step? All this, and Puccini too?

The lavender beads would go well with a silvery grey, but I agree, not with these socks.

Margene hat gesagt…

Love the red...go with red!

Paula B hat gesagt…

I vote red as well... (You have such a kewl neighborhood)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like the idea of matching the socks to the house, but the singer sure is great, too.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

I LOVE the shot of your front door!!! PERFECTION. That's the house of my dreams...lavender and roses...

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