Sonntag, Juni 29, 2008

OCD Knitting

Tsock Flock Spoiler Warning!

I really wanted to start this project yesterday:

frenchman's creek
Frenchman's Creek from the Tsock Flock Club

I just wanted to finish the ribbing on my Dragon Dance socks from the BMFA club first. All I had to do was a quick half-hour's worth of sewn bind-off.

So why did I start doing this?

loopy things

  • Procedure:

  • (on 2x2 ribbing)
    (u klikz 4 big)

    two stitch icord
    10 rows 2-stitch I-cord>

    wrap around
    pivot right needle . . .

    wrap farther around
    . . . until pointing same direction
    as left needle

    transfer to left hand needle
    transfer I-cord stitches
    to left needle

    read to k 3 tbl
    slide over by next stitches
    to be knitted

    finish by k3 tbl (the I-cord
    plus the next stitch to be
    cast off). . .

    . . . then k1, pass 2nd stitch over
    as if to cast off . . .

    . . . place this stitch
    back on left needle . . .

    . . . k2tog, k1, move to
    left needle and repeat

    OK, so I'm not good at HTML

    You know how it is. Some people wash their hands. Some people look in mirrors. I put weird edges on my toe-up socks. I did manage to put a plain bind-off on Cleopatra, but that was kind of a work-of-art sock where less was more.

  • A Quick Tip for Magic Loop Knitting

  • Problem: What do you do when you have a decrease or other procedure to do, but some of the stitches you need are on the back side of the Magic Loop?

    Answer: Put the stitches on a clip-on earring marker until you're ready to work them.


    OK, I really did use earrings until I got these markers from PetYarn on Ravelry.

    I will wind the yarn for Frenchman's Creek as soon as I finish looping down the other side of my socks.

    See ya later!

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