Freitag, Juni 06, 2008

Purple is not Blue

I have been working on the May Rockin' Sock Club socks.

Blue Moon will make this yarn and pattern available some times next year. They've just put up Firebird and Monsoon from last year (along with some other new colors)

The diagonal bands do a great job of breaking up the stripes, don't you think? Only I've had a hard time getting the left-slanting bands tight enough.

The odd thing is that my camera refuses to accept that this yarn is purple.

Purple and Che

By upping the red in the color balance I was able to get something closer to the actual colors, but look what that does to the green towel!

May yarn

Oh well. Do you think it's just a Nikon digital camera thing? Or is it The Color Purple?


smariek hat gesagt…

That's a beautiful pattern. Are you knitting both at the same time? Wow!

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Gorgeous yarn...Even Che's eyes aren't his usual blue...what's up with the camera?

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