Sonntag, Juni 08, 2008

Grafting is my friend; usually

I don't only knit socks. Sometimes I do something else with my sock yarn.

Flutter Scarf
MimKnits Flutter Scarf
in Hannibal Lecter by Dharmafey's Cosmic Fibers

Carrie designed the colorway to resemble Hannibal Lecter's leather mask. I liked it so much that I wanted to use it right away, even though I had the Skylark Yarns Les Oiseaux called for in the pattern. LesOiseaux is dyed by Annie at Wooly Wonka Fibers here in the Salt Lake area.

The Flutter Scarf is knitted in two pieces, from the center out, starting with a crocheted provisional cast-on. Not being one who can easily find a crochet hook on a normal day, I did the EZ waste-yarn provisional, using a circular needle cable in place of waste yarn. No stitches to pick up when it's time to graft! EZ is easy!

Now, I am normally a happy grafter. In fact, I am even good at it. Check out the toe of my Leafling socks. I defy you to find fault with this graft.

Leafling graft
Yes, I actually knitted them top down as written.
I know you're shocked into speechlessness

However, there was a slight glitch in the scarf project. I was knitting away on it in church when there was a tug and a pull. I looked up to see my 9-month-old grandchild holding a frighteningly pointy knitting needle. Horrified, I got it away from her before she could blind herself with it. It was only later that I realized where the needle had come from.

While I haven't experimented with this a lot, it has been my belief that provisional cast-ons are pretty safe. After all, try ravelling your knitting from the wrong end. However, the first row out on this cast-on had yarn overs and k2togs in it. These didn't exactly unravel, but they sort of disintegrated. I am not a patient person. I spent maybe an hour trying to put things back, and it didn't work. So I grafted the mess slight glitch just the way it was.

It was not pretty. But I have been reading a lot of Terry Pratchett lately, and I know that sometimes a little visible stitching is a badge of honor, not of disgrace. So I present to you:

The Igor Scarf

Igor stitching closeup
I originally thought of calling it an Igorina Scarf (from Monstrous Regiment). On further consideration, I realized that an Igorina would not do a sloppy job like this. It's a matter of professional pride, which I do not have.

ETA: A careful second reading of Mim's pattern shows that I wasn't even supposed to have a graft. I was supposed to pick up the stitches from the provisional cast-on and knit the other end on. So much for following instructions.

If I had gone to kindergarten, my report card would have said:

Works and play well with others -- D-
Follow instructions--D-
Stays in the lines while coloring--F


Margene hat gesagt…

The scarf is beautiful and no one will ever see a couple of wonkie stitches.

Laritza hat gesagt…

It is a design element that worked out just fine.

Lynn hat gesagt…

I say X...X...X...X marks the spot!

Joanne hat gesagt…

The Flutter scarf is lovely, thanks for sharing - I'm going to have to get the pattern now.

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