Donnerstag, Juni 19, 2008

A Fish Lives in Portland

Sharman and Chris are moving back to Utah, so now I have no excuse to go to Portland.

I'm so sad. I love Portland!

We flew there on Saturday for one last look, and to pick up our truck which has been working there for two years. Flying with Paul was educational. He found volcanoes, which I'm sure have always been there but which I have never noticed.

Mt. Ranier and Mt. Adams

Mt. Hood

I cheated on the Mount Hood picture.
I was on the wrong side of the plane,
so I took this picture from the Japanese Gardens,
where it floats like merengue above a garish skyscraper

Since it was Knitting in Public Day, my Cedar Creek Socks got an outing on the train.

Pattern and Kaw Kaw colorway of STR from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
Famous person holding the socks: Paul

One thing we hadn't done yet in Portland was visit the Japanese Gardens.

japanese garden1

japanese gardenD

japanese gardenG

More pictures of the gardens on my Flickr page

Sharman says they are most beautiful on a rainy day. I'm sure they were designed on a rainy day. It's usually a rainy day there, in fact.

The kids' favorite thing was the bubble blowing fish.

I was excited to drive through the Columbia River Gorge in early summer, because my sister had promised me waterfalls. There were lots, but it's hard to photo them from a moving vehicle.

I finished my Cleopatra Socks on the drive.

Cleopatra yarnissima blue moon violet
May sock club offering from BMFA

Now we are just waiting for the fomer Portlandites to get here, sometime this evening. Things will not be as quiet around here, but Sharman and Chris will shop and cook for me. All things considered, I think it's an improvement!


Margene hat gesagt…

I know you have enjoyed your trips to Portland. Sounds like this last one was no exception. Great socks!

tapmouse hat gesagt…

I love the bubble-blowing fish, too! And, of course, I love your socks! Nartian started her Cleopatras; I am still plugging away on my messed-up-needs-to-be-frogged Monkey Kaw Kaw. For all my love of green (and despite my very full sub-sub stash of green sock yarn..), I realized I have no green socks! So I decided that I will work on my Leaflings in the near future-at least before my Cleopatras! (and maybe as a break from the Kaw-Kaw!)

Tola hat gesagt…

love those Cleopatra socks!

Windybrook Spinner hat gesagt…

I adore Portland too. The Japanese Gardens are gorgeous. So are your socks.

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