Dienstag, Mai 27, 2008

Embroidery is not knitting

I finished the embroidery on my Firebird socks yesterday.

This photo shows the color accurately (also shows where Paul didn't finish polishing the floor on Saturday):


These photos show the finished embroidery:



Their feet started getting bigger and bigger as I went on.

This is the first time I have been faced with embroidery on a knitting project. I have mixed feelings about it.

The knitting itself was fun. The Tsarina's designs tend towards the pictorial. The birds were clearly worked on each sock, with a lace pattern for the tail feathers, long stitches outlining the birds, and basket-weave on the bird bodies themselves.

The shaping was interesting, too. Lisa took into account that the basket-weave stitch was not very stretchy, but there is less of it towards the top of the sock so the fit on mine is perfect.

The only problem is that I am not very fond of embroidery. Why it seems more tedious than knitting I can't figure. Both have to be worked stitch by stitch. Embroidery actually provides more instant gratification than knitting does. Yet I have no clue how long the knitting took, because I was completely engrossed in it. The embroidery took 16 hours, ten of them spent yesterday in a do-or-die rush to the finish line.

So guess what came in the mail on Saturday.

Fairy Tale Sock Club by Sanguine Gryphon, unfortunately now closed

Photos courtesy of Lindsey-Brooke Hessa--I don't have roses in bloom yet

Yep. More embroidery.


L-B hat gesagt…

I just read that our castle colors are varied---I want to see yours!!!

I think you did a wonderful job on your embroidery!

The Sanguine Gryphon hat gesagt…

In the midst of hating your embroidery and counting the minutes it took, you remembered to notice how beautifully it turned out, right? The Briar Rose embroidery isn't nearly as extensive, all the leaves and flowers are knit or crocheted, so it won't take 16 hours!

eve hat gesagt…


einen Spoiler gibt es am Weekend - dann ich in den Ferien - mit der Wolle und anleitung ;-)) !

Schönen Blog hast Du hier und sooo viel schöne Wolle. Deine Firebirds sind toll geworden!

LG Eve

Anonym hat gesagt…

I really love your Boids, big time! And especially your embroidery turned out absolutely wonderful!

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