Montag, April 07, 2008

An Open Letter to Rick Mondragon


Dear Rick,

Are you trying to tell us you're tired of your job? Or is this a late April Fool's joke?

When this design came in, you could have suggested the designer rework it as a lampshade. If you really, for some reason, liked the design, you could have suggested that the designer pick a different yarn or a different colorway. But above all, once you decided to use this design on a person and in this yarn, why the heck did you put it on the cover?

Thank you. That will be all.


To be completely fair, it's not just Rick. Take, for example, this sock:


Digitessa by Yarnissima

I knew by the time I was 2" into the pattern that my gauge was off. Way off, as in my circumference is 2 cm. smaller than the pattern calls for, and 4 cm. smaller than my actual foot. I could have gone up a needle size. I could have modified the pattern, although with Yarnissima patterns that's not easy. I could even have changed yarns, although I love the yarn. But I didn't do any of those things. I kept right on knitting. And you know how I knit these days. There are two of them, identically too tight.


The difference between Rick and me is that I can frog my sock and reknit it, and no one will know outside of you, me, and the Yarnissima group on Ravelry. Rick's mistake is Out There. Say, maybe he used a different cover on the newsstand. Boah! I sure hope so!


Lynn hat gesagt…

Even the model looks abashed.

So Digitessa is not going to fit happily on my little fat feet? I'll have to check with Angeluna and see if she's knitted hers up yet, and if so, what mods she used [if any].

Tola hat gesagt…

yikes that *is* a scary sweater (and i use the term loosely).

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