Dienstag, April 22, 2008

Critical Mass?

Has my stash achieved a mass that will result in implosion and stellar-core-level fusion if I buy one more skein?

I looked at a Loopy Ewe update and did not see anything I couldn't live without.

I went to Blue Moon Fiber Arts and did not want anything.

I missed the Yarn Pirate update and did not feel bad.

My stash could be complete.

Or I could just be exhausted from a weekend with Gollum and a 10-hour drive (there and back again) to deposit said addict and her enabler at their home.

Paul says, "Did talking about your Uncle Parley's alcoholism make any difference?"

Nope. He died with 2/3 of his last case of vodka still undrunk beside the bed.

I love Gollum Mom, but boy does she make me tired.

You know, I might not be dead yet. I did sort of want the special Earth Day colorway Tina did.


Terri hat gesagt…

Glad you are home.

No, your stash has not reached critical mass. We know you better than that. Your brain is exhausted. You can not be expected to get excited about color and possibilities when you are so tired.

Um, once you are rested...can you post a link to the Earth Day color, I could not find it.

Margene hat gesagt…

I have no doubt you'll buy more yarn within a short period of time. Being tired stops many processes. You'll be on your feet in no time.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

I suspect your mojo to stash enhance will return! Why not knit up something bright and cheery right now?

Tola hat gesagt…

glad youre home.

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