Dienstag, April 08, 2008

Always Optimistic

It has been brought to my attention that I didn't blog for a month.

You could blame it on Ravelry. You could blame it on hand therapy (45 minutes, twice a day). You could blame it on Trusty (because the new camera and I are still getting adjusted), organ lessons, too many knitting projects, and me trying to improve my German language skills before we go to Austria in the fall.

And this morning, right after my piano student leaves, I have to run into Salt Lake to get blood drawn for the annual endocrinology rodeo* which starts tomorrow.

But I'm OK. Thanks for asking :)

I'm still shopping. Do you want to see what I bought? I have ten minutes before my piano student comes.

Queued up and ready to go:


On left: Half Blood Prince from Cosmic Fibers; on the right, Scarlet Fleece sock yarn in Mexican Sunflower

Blue Moon Fiber Arts has some new yarns on their website. These are the ones I have had time to photograph:


Silk Thread 2 in Typhoon Tina


WooBu in Just Right Red


WooBu in Typhoon Tina

I have more photos on Flickr if you want click on any of these and look around. I need to wake Trusty up and take him out before my student comes. Don't you feel sorry for a five-year-old with an 8:00 a.m. piano lesson?

*Don't check the newsfeeds for information on this. It's my own personal quest. I have to have a scan every couple of years to make sure my thyroid cancer has not reappeared. They draw about a gallon of blood and test for five or six things. I have to go in fasting, so my brain is non-functional right now. Then I go on an iodine-free diet for several weeks--no seafood, no eating out, other restrictions. Then I get a couple shots in the you-know of something called Thyrogen, which allows me to stay on my thyroid medication before the scan. Then I get a small dose of nuclear stuff and lie in a non-threatening machine for an hour and am bored out of my head. That's it. The Endocrinology Rodeo.


Margene hat gesagt…

It's great to see you! Ravelry can suck people in, never to be seen again...don't get lost in it, now. I'll not be visiting Blue Moon...the yarn looks heavenly, however. ;-)
Good luck with your marathon. It sounds grueling and amazing.

Tola hat gesagt…

that HBP, does it have nylon in it?

terri hat gesagt…

I practically peed in my pants when I saw your photo of Mexican Sunflowers. I have been deleting the Loopy Groupie Head's Up emails, but now I will be waiting with my finger hovering over the buy button.

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