Freitag, März 07, 2008


I started listening to The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini today. I wish I had stayed with podcasts. Or at least, I wish someone had warned me that it is an Uncomfortable Book so that I would have listened to it when I'm not spending the weekend by myself. Paul is at the airport waiting for his plane to Denver, and here I am, feeling Uncomfortable. I had downloaded some TV shows (New Amsterdam, another Fox mid-season replacement in the wake of the writers' strike) but this book has made me too depressed to watch sci fi/fantasay.

It is like listening to music that I thought was going to be tonal, but is dissonant instead and won't resolve.

I guess I will giftwrap Princess P's Tepee

and hamster books and go to sleep with something on the TiVo that is not about Afghanistan.

I suppose it is a mark of a good writer that Khaled Hosseini can make the susceptible reader start to identify with the point of view character to the point of it being Uncomfortable and Depressing.

The blurb on Audible calls it a "beautiful" book. Maybe the dissonance will resolve in the end and I can stop feeling Uncomfortable.


Laritza hat gesagt…

Interesting, I loved the Kite Runner. I am not sure if you are Davis County or SLC county but either way, y Library Website and search for or for online library and download media files (loads and loads of good books) To make them Ipod compatible you can use "Tunebite"

Terri hat gesagt…

Have fun at the opera! What are you going to see?

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