Donnerstag, März 06, 2008

Thinking about Podcasts

I used up all my Audible points, so I have been listening to two months worth of old podcasts. I was on a Terry Pratchett kick, but those are just too expensive to buy with normal money.

This is what I have been thinking about podcasts.

I like the ones with interviews--Sticks and String, It's a Purl, Man, Stash and Burn, Socks in the City, Knit Picks, Ready Set Knit, and so forth.

I like the ones with a theme of some kind, which again applies to the above.

I didn't like Yarn Thing at first, but her laugh is so catching that now I like it, even though she keeps talking about crochet and I am not ready to go there. Besides, she has added interviews and themes.

I like the ones where people can find more to say about yarn than "OMG."

I feel uncomfortable with the ones where the 'caster tells me too much private stuff--like when you were in college and sat up all night talking with a newfound friend, but then never wanted to talk to them again.

I like the company-based ones where I can run to the computer and buy what they are talking about, although this is not good if you're two months behind, and the Malabrigo cochineal-dyed cotton was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Sometimes I just like the podcasters even if they occasionally go into some weird territory (I'm thinking about the Uncensored Knitters here).

I like accents--David Reidy again, and Lixie Knits It.

And now I am going to return to my podcast listening and try to finish Piper's Tulip Cardi. The birthday party is in two days, and the sweater needs to be washed as part of the blocking procedure (Trusty helps me knit). I still have another 2 1/2 stripes to add to the sleeves, plus the sleeve edging and buttons.

Must get cracking.

Pictures tomorrow.

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Yarn Thing hat gesagt…

Hey, thanks for hanging in there with me! Be sure that the interviews are a blast to do so I will totally be keeping them in the show. Yeah!

Anyway, I am happy that I can make you laugh whether with me or at me :-) LOL


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