Freitag, März 07, 2008

Some Pictures

I have started mostly putting my pictures on Flickr, so you will be able to click for big. Also, there may be links under pictures, so mouse over if you're curious.


Princess P's Tulip was blocked at about 3:00 a.m. and came out a little lumpy. The buttons haven't been sewn on yet. I hope it is dry by tonight, but tomorrow a.m. will do.

I wanted to show you doing two sleeves at a time on Magic Loop, but when I got back with the camera my layout had been changed.


My first experiences with Magic Loop were not successful. I bought the Magic Loop book when it first came out. I knitted a sweater with a big, baggy ladder on each sleeve that took a lot of work to fix, and decided I didn't like the technique. But last year when I had my bag searched at the airport because two socks on two circs looked like an awful lot of wiring to the baggage inspector, I decided to give Magic Loop another go.

I found that it worked better for me on socks, since the cable size is almost the same as the needle size. And after doing several pairs of socks that way, I started using the technique on my tulip cardis with much better success than at first. I find that what works for me is to firm up the last stitch against the cable until it looks about right when changing to the next needle. It may be a little tight, but that seems to be easier to work with than too loose.

When I had to knit something on double points recently I found that I kept dropping them because I am now so used to having everything connected!

The other thing I have been doing is finishing my personal pair of Lenores.

Lenore detail STR raven sock

Lenore detail2  STR raven sock

Lenore STR raven sock

I actually followed the pattern on this pair. Cherry will be here next week and is getting the pair I made previously where I had to reknit the tops and graft them on. The pattern and yarn are from a Socks that Rock club kit, and will be available from Blue Moon Fiber Arts this fall.

My recent mail was full of surprises. One of the benefits of shopping internationally is that it can take so long for things to come that I forget I've ordered them.

Shop International yarn knitting

The wound ball in the center actually came pretty quickly. It's Wollmeise Digitessa from Yarnissima in the Netherlands. It took about a week. The green yarn front and right is Apple Pie in Yoda, and took just under two weeks to come from Pick Up Sticks in Canada. But I had completely forgotten about the skein of Dream in Color Midnight Derby in the back and the two Shelridge Farm DK in raspberry. I can't even remember when I ordered them, and not even sure from where because I tossed the packaging. The Midnight Derby is to replace a skein that Trusty trashed, and the Raspberry is to knit Hearts for Heidi (a Wendy pattern) for a friend.

A quick update--Paul's mom is out of the hospital, and the doctors did not find anything really wrong--no stroke, no severe artery restrictions. Paul is going to spend the weekend with her. He thinks that there are more things the doctors could have checked for, but they are not things that could be fixed. The docs are blaming her transient aphasia on anxiety attacks.

And today is dog washing day, so we are off to the groomer. I love Karen, Trusty's groomer. I knew I was going to like her even before we had a dog that needed grooming. She saw Cesare in the waiting room at the vets where she works a couple of days a week. She fussed over him and asked his name. When I said "Cesare," she said, "You mean like Cesare Borgia, the murderer?" A woman after my own heart. That was exactly who I was thinking of when I picked the name.

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Love the socks..what a pretty pattern and the colorway is fabulous, too. I like your sense of humor. :-D

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