Sonntag, März 02, 2008


Been busy.

DD had surgery. Helped out a couple days. Surprisingly exhausting. Didn't even do bedtimes.

Had pirate party. Watched P of Penzance 1 2/3 times, people brought good food, I only made rolls. Wore Yarrrrrn! shirt.

Finished Lenore socks, not blocked, no photo.

Mostly done with body of Tulip Cardi for Princess P, turning 7 tomorrow. Sweater will make it to official party on Saturday.

MIL in hospital in Denver, dizziness, numbness, speech difficulties; possibly TIA, possibly meningitis. Much discussion with The Pragmatist about Usefulness v. Just Being There.

Me, mostly Just Being Here, not too Useful.

Love ya.



Lynn hat gesagt…

Well apparently I lucked into your Fun Quota as well as my own. Will pack some into a box with plenty of air-holes and ship it your way. In the meantime, [[[hugs]]].

Terri hat gesagt…

Hold tight, your spirit makes you infinately useful.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey, you've been Very Useful over here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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