Samstag, März 15, 2008

Chlokit Pip Cookies with Pickles

I am in Portland. I have my camera, but did not bring a cable so I will show you the photos when I get home. I have been busy getting ready to come here. I had to finish E's hoodie. I had to clean up some bad corners of the house. You know how it is.

Sharman's kids are finally fun to babysit. For the past five and 5/6 years, someone has always cried the whole time Sharman was gone. By the time G had grown out of it, E was full on. But tonight we played Webkinz (guys, they have Battleship on there in the guise of a skunk game!), made cookies, and watched two great movies, and NO ONE CRIED!

E tried to cry, but the call of the computer is strong in this one. The minute I said "Webkinz" she was fine. About an hour after her parents had gone, she looked up in surprise and said, "I calmed down!"

I don't always understand what she says, though. Chlokit pips, yes. Pickles on the cookies? No.

Me: Pickles?
E: No! Not pickles. Pickles!

I got it from context. Cookies. *kles. Sprinkles!

I had to ask A for a translation for "'nother ho'" (Another show)

That was the best part of the evening. I told the boys they could watch the second show with E and me (bed was out of the question if we wanted "calmed down" to last) if they were completely ready for bed and had their pillows and blankets. Earlier in the day they had poopooed my Costco movie purchase, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, but kids will suffer through anything to stay up late.

We actually laughed out loud all the way through it, and it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud. The best line in the show: "He was making sure I have enough space." Watch it, and remember I said that.

We always try to pack in too many activities when I come on these opera jaunts. We were going to try to make it to Farmhouse Knits, but things weren't looking good, timewise. Since Chris has to get ready for the opera after he gets there, they had to leave early and we needed to cut short the errands and get back to their place for dinner.

So we compromised. We put off one errand until tomorrow, and I ran in to Farmhouse Knits for ten minutes.

It was harder than I thought. Farmhouse is famous for having more Blue Moon Fiber Arts than anyone outside of Scappoose, and they do; but it wasn't sock yarn, and it wasn't all in one place. The yarns are organized by color, so boucles, ribbons, and mohairs with the Blue Moon label were all over the shop, mixed in with Colinette and other yummies that I could have spent several hours with. I grabbed a boucle and three ribbons, without a clue what I will do with them. A wrap, maybe? On big needles . . .

The owner, Sandy, explained the lack of sock yarn. "It doesn't stay very long. I can't figure out how they even know it's here when we get it in."

I suspect Ravelry.

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