Mittwoch, März 19, 2008

Eye Candy, er, what day is it today?

opera center1

This is the big poster on the front of the Portland Opera Center. Please click for big, the guy in the picture is Chris! This is from Return of Ulysses last year, with Kendra Herrington.

opera center2

Here is E's hoodie, before buttons--I forgot to photo it after we got the buttons on.


And now, the shopping.

From Knit Purl:

knit purl shopping
From left: Handmaiden Camelspin "Midnight"; Noro Kureyon Sock (did you know that Kureyon is Japanese for "crayon" and is pretty much pronounced like it too?) in color S188; Colinette Jitterbug in #159, "Morello Mash"

and one that got knitted while I was in Portland:

shibui sock spectrum
Shibui Sock in "Spectrum"

From Farmhouse Knits:

farmhouse shopping
All yarns by Blue Moon Fiber Arts; from left: Tabitha (75% cotton 25% rayon) in Thunder; Slinky (50% cotton 40%nylon 10% polyamide) in Ruby Slippers; Luna (100% nylon) in Cobblestone County; Slinky in Sea Breeze

Some photos from Farmhouse:







It might be a little harder to shop when the yarn is organized by color, but it's certainly fun to look at.

Dienstag, März 18, 2008

Why is that count-down weird?

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to make my Graveyard Book countdown timer format better?

Opera review: I loved Albert Herring! Chris was great! Benjamin Britten was great! If you are anywhere near Portland, you can still catch a performance. Go see Albert Herring!

Samstag, März 15, 2008

Chlokit Pip Cookies with Pickles

I am in Portland. I have my camera, but did not bring a cable so I will show you the photos when I get home. I have been busy getting ready to come here. I had to finish E's hoodie. I had to clean up some bad corners of the house. You know how it is.

Sharman's kids are finally fun to babysit. For the past five and 5/6 years, someone has always cried the whole time Sharman was gone. By the time G had grown out of it, E was full on. But tonight we played Webkinz (guys, they have Battleship on there in the guise of a skunk game!), made cookies, and watched two great movies, and NO ONE CRIED!

E tried to cry, but the call of the computer is strong in this one. The minute I said "Webkinz" she was fine. About an hour after her parents had gone, she looked up in surprise and said, "I calmed down!"

I don't always understand what she says, though. Chlokit pips, yes. Pickles on the cookies? No.

Me: Pickles?
E: No! Not pickles. Pickles!

I got it from context. Cookies. *kles. Sprinkles!

I had to ask A for a translation for "'nother ho'" (Another show)

That was the best part of the evening. I told the boys they could watch the second show with E and me (bed was out of the question if we wanted "calmed down" to last) if they were completely ready for bed and had their pillows and blankets. Earlier in the day they had poopooed my Costco movie purchase, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, but kids will suffer through anything to stay up late.

We actually laughed out loud all the way through it, and it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud. The best line in the show: "He was making sure I have enough space." Watch it, and remember I said that.

We always try to pack in too many activities when I come on these opera jaunts. We were going to try to make it to Farmhouse Knits, but things weren't looking good, timewise. Since Chris has to get ready for the opera after he gets there, they had to leave early and we needed to cut short the errands and get back to their place for dinner.

So we compromised. We put off one errand until tomorrow, and I ran in to Farmhouse Knits for ten minutes.

It was harder than I thought. Farmhouse is famous for having more Blue Moon Fiber Arts than anyone outside of Scappoose, and they do; but it wasn't sock yarn, and it wasn't all in one place. The yarns are organized by color, so boucles, ribbons, and mohairs with the Blue Moon label were all over the shop, mixed in with Colinette and other yummies that I could have spent several hours with. I grabbed a boucle and three ribbons, without a clue what I will do with them. A wrap, maybe? On big needles . . .

The owner, Sandy, explained the lack of sock yarn. "It doesn't stay very long. I can't figure out how they even know it's here when we get it in."

I suspect Ravelry.

Freitag, März 07, 2008


I started listening to The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini today. I wish I had stayed with podcasts. Or at least, I wish someone had warned me that it is an Uncomfortable Book so that I would have listened to it when I'm not spending the weekend by myself. Paul is at the airport waiting for his plane to Denver, and here I am, feeling Uncomfortable. I had downloaded some TV shows (New Amsterdam, another Fox mid-season replacement in the wake of the writers' strike) but this book has made me too depressed to watch sci fi/fantasay.

It is like listening to music that I thought was going to be tonal, but is dissonant instead and won't resolve.

I guess I will giftwrap Princess P's Tepee

and hamster books and go to sleep with something on the TiVo that is not about Afghanistan.

I suppose it is a mark of a good writer that Khaled Hosseini can make the susceptible reader start to identify with the point of view character to the point of it being Uncomfortable and Depressing.

The blurb on Audible calls it a "beautiful" book. Maybe the dissonance will resolve in the end and I can stop feeling Uncomfortable.

Some Pictures

I have started mostly putting my pictures on Flickr, so you will be able to click for big. Also, there may be links under pictures, so mouse over if you're curious.


Princess P's Tulip was blocked at about 3:00 a.m. and came out a little lumpy. The buttons haven't been sewn on yet. I hope it is dry by tonight, but tomorrow a.m. will do.

I wanted to show you doing two sleeves at a time on Magic Loop, but when I got back with the camera my layout had been changed.


My first experiences with Magic Loop were not successful. I bought the Magic Loop book when it first came out. I knitted a sweater with a big, baggy ladder on each sleeve that took a lot of work to fix, and decided I didn't like the technique. But last year when I had my bag searched at the airport because two socks on two circs looked like an awful lot of wiring to the baggage inspector, I decided to give Magic Loop another go.

I found that it worked better for me on socks, since the cable size is almost the same as the needle size. And after doing several pairs of socks that way, I started using the technique on my tulip cardis with much better success than at first. I find that what works for me is to firm up the last stitch against the cable until it looks about right when changing to the next needle. It may be a little tight, but that seems to be easier to work with than too loose.

When I had to knit something on double points recently I found that I kept dropping them because I am now so used to having everything connected!

The other thing I have been doing is finishing my personal pair of Lenores.

Lenore detail STR raven sock

Lenore detail2  STR raven sock

Lenore STR raven sock

I actually followed the pattern on this pair. Cherry will be here next week and is getting the pair I made previously where I had to reknit the tops and graft them on. The pattern and yarn are from a Socks that Rock club kit, and will be available from Blue Moon Fiber Arts this fall.

My recent mail was full of surprises. One of the benefits of shopping internationally is that it can take so long for things to come that I forget I've ordered them.

Shop International yarn knitting

The wound ball in the center actually came pretty quickly. It's Wollmeise Digitessa from Yarnissima in the Netherlands. It took about a week. The green yarn front and right is Apple Pie in Yoda, and took just under two weeks to come from Pick Up Sticks in Canada. But I had completely forgotten about the skein of Dream in Color Midnight Derby in the back and the two Shelridge Farm DK in raspberry. I can't even remember when I ordered them, and not even sure from where because I tossed the packaging. The Midnight Derby is to replace a skein that Trusty trashed, and the Raspberry is to knit Hearts for Heidi (a Wendy pattern) for a friend.

A quick update--Paul's mom is out of the hospital, and the doctors did not find anything really wrong--no stroke, no severe artery restrictions. Paul is going to spend the weekend with her. He thinks that there are more things the doctors could have checked for, but they are not things that could be fixed. The docs are blaming her transient aphasia on anxiety attacks.

And today is dog washing day, so we are off to the groomer. I love Karen, Trusty's groomer. I knew I was going to like her even before we had a dog that needed grooming. She saw Cesare in the waiting room at the vets where she works a couple of days a week. She fussed over him and asked his name. When I said "Cesare," she said, "You mean like Cesare Borgia, the murderer?" A woman after my own heart. That was exactly who I was thinking of when I picked the name.

Donnerstag, März 06, 2008

Thinking about Podcasts

I used up all my Audible points, so I have been listening to two months worth of old podcasts. I was on a Terry Pratchett kick, but those are just too expensive to buy with normal money.

This is what I have been thinking about podcasts.

I like the ones with interviews--Sticks and String, It's a Purl, Man, Stash and Burn, Socks in the City, Knit Picks, Ready Set Knit, and so forth.

I like the ones with a theme of some kind, which again applies to the above.

I didn't like Yarn Thing at first, but her laugh is so catching that now I like it, even though she keeps talking about crochet and I am not ready to go there. Besides, she has added interviews and themes.

I like the ones where people can find more to say about yarn than "OMG."

I feel uncomfortable with the ones where the 'caster tells me too much private stuff--like when you were in college and sat up all night talking with a newfound friend, but then never wanted to talk to them again.

I like the company-based ones where I can run to the computer and buy what they are talking about, although this is not good if you're two months behind, and the Malabrigo cochineal-dyed cotton was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Sometimes I just like the podcasters even if they occasionally go into some weird territory (I'm thinking about the Uncensored Knitters here).

I like accents--David Reidy again, and Lixie Knits It.

And now I am going to return to my podcast listening and try to finish Piper's Tulip Cardi. The birthday party is in two days, and the sweater needs to be washed as part of the blocking procedure (Trusty helps me knit). I still have another 2 1/2 stripes to add to the sleeves, plus the sleeve edging and buttons.

Must get cracking.

Pictures tomorrow.

Sonntag, März 02, 2008

The Yarrrrn shirt

Clik mah face fo link to Jinx


Been busy.

DD had surgery. Helped out a couple days. Surprisingly exhausting. Didn't even do bedtimes.

Had pirate party. Watched P of Penzance 1 2/3 times, people brought good food, I only made rolls. Wore Yarrrrrn! shirt.

Finished Lenore socks, not blocked, no photo.

Mostly done with body of Tulip Cardi for Princess P, turning 7 tomorrow. Sweater will make it to official party on Saturday.

MIL in hospital in Denver, dizziness, numbness, speech difficulties; possibly TIA, possibly meningitis. Much discussion with The Pragmatist about Usefulness v. Just Being There.

Me, mostly Just Being Here, not too Useful.

Love ya.

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