Dienstag, Februar 12, 2008

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The computers seem to be working now. My camera showed up. Things are getting back to normal. Roxio still does not work for me, but it is not vital to my existence.

Spoiler Alert! Yarn Pirate and Loopy Ewe sock club photos coming up.

I promised pictures of the blown up stove. Here they are.

This is what the stove burner coil did to itself:

blownup stove

click for big

and what it did to my 1/8" thick metal pan:

blownup pan

I threw the pan away before I realized the photo was out of focus. The bright bits are bubbles of metal surrounding the actual hole; they caught the flash more than the normal metal did.

It was a very old cooktop and slated for replacement, but we were hoping to do new cabinets at the same time. Here is the replacement, Darth Cooktop.

darth cooktop

You ask, "How do I like it?" I reply, "It hasn't tried to kill me yet."

Spring might be coming. At least Yarn Pirate and The Loopy Ewe think so.

spring yarn

These club offerings came on the same day. The Yarn Pirate, called "I Want Candy," is saved from being too cute by having a bit of black--a pirateish trademark. The Loopy Ewe one is from Yarntini and is called Refresh. They are both merino/tencel 50-50. It's pretty tempting to use them together in something. It could come out looking like Easter Eggs, or it could come out looking like dreck. You never know.

Self-insight moment: I realized recently that part of the reason I start a lot of things and don't finish them--sometimes ever, sometimes not for a long time--is because I want to see what will happen if I do this. It might be a pattern I want to try, and it might be a yarn I want to look at.

I feel good about this. It brings new meaning to my stash, my WIPs, and my sleepers.

Two new startups:

Wollmeise 80/20 (merino/nylon) in Spice Market, with (though you can hardly see it) Eunny Jang's Bayerische Socken.

spice market

Someone on Ravelry wanted to buy this yarn off me. I hated to just say no, so I wound the yarn and printed out the pattern so I could tell her honestly that I was using it. But I'm waiting for appropriate needles. I have #0 woods in there, and I have a set of #0 metals I could use, but I want to knit them simultaneously. I know from experience that those needles are not the same size.

I had a caliper but Trusty has done something with it. Trusty did something to this yarn, too:

bad dog bad bad dog

Anyway, the other startup:

medium vincent clapotis

This is Kate Gilbert's Clapotis in Wollmeise Vincent (Mittel). I have been intrigued with Clapotis because the stripe pattern in a handpaint yarn goes at right angles to the dropped stitches, and both are on the diagonal to the actual length of the scarf. I think Kate Gilbert is a structural genius. Look at her double-sided cables on Arwen.

I sort of wish I had put two stitches in each area to be dropped, because at this gauge the ladders will be quite skinny, but I am not going to start over. We'll see how it turns out.

Did you know there is a sneaky way to get Wollmeise? I shouldn't even mention this, probably, but you're my friend so I am telling you. It comes in Yarnissima kits:

Spina di Pesce

This one is Spina di Pesce. I just ordered La Digitessa. Can't think how I missed that one!

Did I mention there is a Mystery Project? Here is just a hint:

Many thanks to Trusty for posing with TMP and not eating it.


Margene hat gesagt…

Well, I never...you're back! That yarn all looks fabulous but I do love the pink/blue springy one best. ;-)
Smart insightful moment you had there.

Terri hat gesagt…

I see the pictures of your stove and pot and think, "Holy crap!" Our kitchen remodel may be this summer, I hope we do not come to this in the meantime.

I see pictures of Yarn Pirate and Loopy Ewe and think, "Do NOT mix".

A secret way to get Wolleise? I'm on it.

Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

No Fratello kit for you? I love Marjan's patterns, but am debating on whether to get the whole Spini kit when it's back in stock or just the pattern and wait for Claudia to dye some Tiefer See.

Tola hat gesagt…

youre back! FWIW, my Roxio died when i installed iTunes.

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