Sonntag, Februar 03, 2008

Not really a blog post

. . . the reason I'm not blogging is because . . .

1) I keep all my photos on the PC, and we decided to replace it after it had to be restored back to infancy to get rid of the virus. The backup worked so I didn't lose anything, but there is no useful software on the new PC.

This includes Windows Vista. Maybe I will get used to it.

Celia is getting the old computer for her work. She is a realtor now, for those who still think she works at a bank or investment firm.

2) I have great photos of the stove blowing up Sunday a week ago--not the actual moment with sparks flying halfway across the kitchen, since right then we were busy turning off the electricity, but the melted stove element and the 1/8" thick pan with a 1/4" hole arc-welded all the way through it by said stove element.

This resulted in emergency cooktop shopping that took up a lot of time. When I get the software back on the PC I will show you.

I know, I could do it on the mac, but it hasn't got a very big hard drive, see 1)

3) I spent a great deal of time getting ready for the second half of the toe-up sock class I taught at Hemstitched Heirlooms in North Salt Lake. This included

a) trying to fix the old computer,

b) deciding I couldn't do it,

c) resetting it to above-mentioned brainless infancy,

d) being forcibly reminded that I should be more organized when I get printers, wireless internet cards, etc. and not lose their driver disks,

e) buying new wireless internet cards and printer (wireless, too--the old one deserved to die, don't worry),

f) installing these things, making them talk to the Mac as well as the PC,

g) printing out my handouts,

h) and stressing out over the class which involved

i) eating an entire bag of Zapp's Cajun Crawtators and a cheese bagle which were not on my diet,

ii) and going for ice cream after the class, which is also not on my diet. Either diet.

I gave you that Zapp's link for a reason. Go to the Zapp's site and order potato chips. Order Cajun Crawtators if you like Cajun food. Order something else if you don't. They are the best potato chips!

4) Now I will be tied up getting the new PC to do the useful things I am used to having my PC do.

Knitting News--there is some.

The Mardi Gras socks will be for next year; I picked a fiddly pattern, had to frog because my gauge was off, etc. I went with the Heather because in the end that great purple won out.

I like the diamond pattern because it seems sort of carnival- and costume-ish.

Misha's Tulip Cardigan (size 3) seems to be working out.

I bought two Sundara yarns that are so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. Photos later, see 1)

I finished my December STR socks but refuse to start either my own personal Lenores or the January sock until I finish my Christmas knitting--three rows to go, Jeanne.

There is a secret project in the works.

And that's all for now.


Tola hat gesagt…

the stove blew up?? yikes, you dont do anything by halves, do you? glad you gave us an update, was starting to wonder about the prolonged radio-silence.

Terri hat gesagt…

I made almost a whole sock using that pattern. I made it to the toe and then put in on the shelf. What started out as enchanting, turned boring. Add to that the thought of weaving in all those ends? I said uncle. No, I said UNCLE!

UM, the stove episode sounds fightening. What made it explode?

Lynn hat gesagt…

Wow, reminds me of the time that the fireball flew out of my oven and got rid of all my split ends for me. Glad you're OK. And to think that some people believe Latter-Day Saints have boring lives...

Joanne hat gesagt…

Good luck with your class!

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Your luck hasn't been the best lately, huh?
I'm soooooooo sorry!

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