Dienstag, Februar 19, 2008

The Longest Sock is Born

In the last set of dyer's notes from Tina Newton, she mentioned she had dreamed that Rockin' Sock Club members would knit the longest sock knitted by the most people ever.

So we're going to try.

tls is born

Say, how's this for creativity: I scanned it! New camera coming today--may trade with Paul if I think it's too bulky.

I know, I know, it looks pitiful now, but it will grow. I don't think Tina cares if it ever becomes Guinness World Records-ready anyway. The sock is going to Stitches West on Friday, and has a date at Camp Crow's Feet (Rockin' Sock Club Camp) in April. And then Missmalice will fly it to Wonderwool Wales so it can make the rounds of UK STR fans.

In between shows the sock will go where it's requested. The only rules are:

Must be knitted in STR; you can use your own or the ball it comes with
Each person knits 6 rows (What you see above is a toe plus six rows)
Sock must be forwarded with its needles in it--Leslie, I just added that rule
Your progress should be photodocumented (Leslie, I'm good at making new rules)

My only worry is that there is no way to back up something like this. I would never send away an important document without a photocopy. But somehow I think it would be hard to re-start the sock from a photo if it goes missing.

A couple of people have asked about the pink or raspberry yarn with lime green shot through it that was in my stash photos. It's "Alice's Garden" from the White Willow Etsy site. And the brown and black and two dark reds in the next-to-last photo are Wollmeise, from left Zenzi medium, Zenzi dark, Brombeere Medium and Granatapfel Dark.

ETA: Celia asked me this morning why someone who has had dogs as long as we have would still leave a camera out on a desk where a dog can reach it. There really isn't an answer.

I just think if I give Trusty enough chew toys and throw his ball enough times that he will leave my stuff alone.

I tell myself that he will outgrow rampant chewing--he's nearly two, after all.

And sometimes I just think he won't notice things, like the pink silk Lantern Moon project bag I bought yesterday at The Needlepoint Joint. It was still in the bag, I hadn't put a project in it yet.

Notice I am saying WAS.

They had a replacement one at Knit-Purl. They also had a bunch of other stuff including a Hannah Falkenburg baby sweater that went in and out of the cart four times before I finally decided I had to have it. Stress shopping. Healthier than stress eating, but more expensive.


Joanne hat gesagt…

I love that colorway!

tapmouse hat gesagt…

Hey-I'm rather liking the looks of this! Hope we can get it moving over at Stitches West!

So you didn't have a chance to smother your new items with your scent so Trusty would realize they were NOT chew toys for his pleasure?

Oh well...you just get the pleasure of shopping again!

Yeah...new rules...! Sounds good to me! Except I think we will need to be a bit flexible on the requisite photos-afterall, someone may not have a camera. Like maybe their dog chewed it up or something. Or something...

And I agree-must include the needles! Very big, necessary rule, I think! ;)

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