Montag, Februar 18, 2008

Happy Presidents' Day

Remember the good old days when we celebrated the presidents separately but did not get a day off? Oh well.

A little more mystery for you:

mystery project

Interesting dog-owner trivia: Someone in this photo ate (OK, just chewed up) my camera yesterday.

Compare the non-camera-eating item in that picture with this one:


Click for big if you need to.

I am putting a heel on it today.

Probably will also run up to Ogden to get buttons for Misha's tulip cardi but cannot photo it for you due to . . . I mentioned my camera was chewed up yesterday, right? The owner of this dog, as in "the real owner," not as in "the innocent, bystanding, wasn't-quite-ready-for-another-yarn-chewing-camera-crunching-slime-factory-yet co-owner" is buying me a new camera. It will arrive from tomorrow.

We are not banishing Trusty. I've grown accustomed to his face. Besides, I have a drawer to keep the new camera in.


Tola hat gesagt…

i cant believe youre so patient and long-suffering with that dog. i guess that's how God is with us, though.

Joanne hat gesagt…

Your sock looks great! And I still think Trusty looks cute in that photo even after reading that he is a camera eater.

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