Dienstag, Jänner 22, 2008

My hand hurts.

My hand hurts like the dickens.

I am typing with my left hand, aided only one finger of my right hand; well, two, since I'm getting the space bar with that hand.

This morning my hand was feeling a lot better. A couple of weeks ago it got stiff and sore and swollen after I ran the snow blower. It appeared to be a re-injury of a tendon that got jammed last summer when I, er, do I have to admit I walked into the door while reaching to open it?

Then I went to the hand clinic where a resident bent the affected finger six ways for Sunday and a doctor shot it full of steroids and lidocaine and they velcroed it to its neighbor and said, "don't do anything that will make this worse. Come back in a month."

Judging by how it feels right now, whatever the resident did made it worse, and whatever the doctor did didn't help. Well, he said it would take a few days. Or did he say weeks?

The silver cloud was the appreciative chuckle I got from another patient who saw me walk in with my Count Cluckula socks on.

I should be able to knit since the velcroed fingers can stay friends while I do it, but right now I think a baggie of snow might be better therapy.

Oh wait, that didn;t sound good, did it? I mean an ice pack.


Tola hat gesagt…

ROFLM@O at "baggie of snow". but im so sorry youre hurting. hope you heal quickly.

Laritza hat gesagt…

Sorry you are hurting. Take care of your hand, you do not want repetitive injury for knitting.

Margene hat gesagt…

Oh dear! I'm SO sorry you have such a painful injury AND no knitting! The socks are TOO CUTE!

Terri hat gesagt…

Hah, saying a baggie of snow while weraing those socks will definitely get you into trouble.

Strong hand vibes coming your way!

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