Donnerstag, Jänner 24, 2008

Mardi Gras socks

My steroid shot has kicked in and my hand feels oodles better. Still wearing the "buddy tapes" of course. Ligament damage. Takes a long time to heal.

But I can still knit. And, since I have way too much going on already, I have decided to tackle Mardi Gras socks.

I have these two yarns in my stash:

mardi gras yarns

The one next to Che is STR Pirate's Booty, medium weight. It knits up fast (I only have until Tuesday week), but the purple isn't very purple. The second yarn is Schaefer Heather in Indira Ghandi. It wouldn't knit up quite as quickly, and although the purple is great, the green is a little dull. Plus, its inclusion of brown lacks that official Mardi Gras je ne sais quoi.

What else could I be doing? Well, Mozart's birthday is this weekend. I'm simplifying my cooking by doing things early (shopping tomorrow, cooking Saturday), partly because my hand is a little messed up. I refuse to cut up 10 lbs of onions without gloves and I sure don't want onion juice on my velcro finger friends. So I'm buying frozen. And one of our guests has been diagnosed with celiac disease, which I totally can't spell, so will be experimenting with gluten-free spaetzele.

And now you must excuse me, because I have to go stress out about the sock class I'm teaching tonight. Only because Shannon kept bugging me to do it. If this one goes as badly as the last one I will hang up my teaching needles forever.

ETA: Doing well on the stressing. Have managed to develop a killer headache. Only four hours until the first class will be over and I'll be half done . . .


Terri hat gesagt…

I pick the Pirate Booty. You could use a fast knit right now. It is OK that the purple is not so purple. That means it will not compete with whatever other purple you are planning to wear.

Breath deep. This next class will be much better. You have all that experience to draw from.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Yup, I agree. STR.

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