Donnerstag, Jänner 10, 2008

I Still Heart Portland

What's not to heart about Portland? OK, maybe it rains a lot there. Maybe the power goes out at the drop of a hat. And maybe this much snow

causes school closures.

But Portland has

Woot! I forgot to get my Masala Burgers out of Sharman's freezer, but a few things made it home in my bag.

And Portland has New Seasons. New Seasons has hot woks*. Hot woks are really, really good.

And New Seasons has this:

This is the best hot chocolate I have had in my life. It is the only hot chocolate I ever drunk that made me want to finish off the whole can. This is really good hot chocolate. Did I say I liked it?

Sharman Has Stash!

We went to the closest shop that was open on Monday. This was All About Yarn. Exciting thing number one about it is that it is only about five minutes from Sharman's, and right off the freeway so it's easy to get to. Exciting thing number two about it is that it is right next to Decorettes, where we bought chocolate and cutters and saw amazing books.

So that was the exciting part. The yarn store itself was pretty ho-hum, with the standard baby and afghan yarns and the usual patterns. However, the shop worker was quite helpful and reasonably friendly, especially considering we had two preschoolers in tow, and we saw some nice yarns, such as Noro and Frog Tree. Some Silk Garden followed me home, along with a Euroacrylic/mohair blend that seemed soft enough to replace E's now outgrown Arwen cardi.

I was surprised that Baby Arwen had actually become a favorite. E cried when she put it on and it was too short. I am not going to do all the cabling this time. E just cares about the color and the hood. I will do the cabling on mine. Eventually.

Now that I am home, all is not sweetness and light. Irtfa'a has been frogged again. I am starting over two needle sizes up from what's calledfor. I went to Weight Watchers today and it was bad enough that I threw away the kisses that came from The Loopy Ewe. The new TiVo and cable card still don't work, so I am out money on the TiVo return for nothing. Worse, Paul is calling it my TiVo, so now I didn't even get him anything nice for Christmas. But oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

* "A unique offering at New Seasons is their signature hot wok where customers choose fresh ingredients from a "wok bar", then give them to the New Seasons deli to stir-fry with their choice of vegetables, meats and sauces." Press Release 9/10/2001


Tola hat gesagt…

i have Trader Joe's here. what would you like? will trade for sock yarn!

Laritza hat gesagt…

Oh! The Lady Bug! what is it?

Joanne hat gesagt…

I made it to my first Trader Joes in December, woah! They had some amazing Korma sauce that I wish I had bought more of.

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