Sonntag, Jänner 06, 2008

Disasters of Christmas Past, Yarn Crawls, and More

  • Disasters of Christmas Past Section

  • We just finished undecorating Sharman's tree. She helped me do mine on Friday. It reminded me of our worst holiday decorating disaster.

    When we lived in New Orleans I was determined to have a fake tree because I was terrified a real one might have cockroaches in it. I thought it would be cute to put mini-candy canes on it, and so laboriously unwrapped a honkload of them and had them on every branch.

    Now, as you may know, New Orleans is a pretty humid city. Winter there is more of a rainy season than anything else. The humidity can be (and often is) 100% even when it isn't raining.

    Naked candy canes. 100% humidity. Can you tell where this is going?

    When we took the decorations off the tree, I was surprised to find that the candy canes were all pointed on the bottom. I was puzzled at first. What would make candy canes get pointed on the ends? Then I started noticing that the plastic tree needles were sticky and covered in gunk. The tree was so bad it had to be thrown away. But that was nothing to the rug under the tree! If you think a tree is a cockroach attractant, just try leaving something sticky out overnight. Goodbye, tree. Goodbye rug. After that we drove across the lake and picked out a fresh tree every year.Note: Luckily we never had trouble with cockroaches at that house, despite the melted candy and the fresh Christmas trees

  • Yarn Crawl Section

  • Sharman is ready for a new knitting project. She has knitted two hats, one in super bulky Rowan, and one in black worsted weight (Dream in Color Classy). Now she wants to knit a baby sweater for a friend. So tomorrow we want to visit a yarn store where she can pick out a project and start to form a relationship with the shop folks in hopes that they will help her if she gets stuck.

    One of my favorite yarn shops in the world is downtown Portland's Knit Purl, and we would go there in a heartbeat, but it's not easy for Sharman to get to on a regular basis. So we checked out Persistant Illusion, home of Judy's Magic Cast-on and the Portland Yarn Shops page. Some time when I'm going to be here for more than two days I'm going to take this lady to lunch.

    I really want to go to Farmhouse Knit Shop, because they are supposed to have the biggest selection of Blue Moon Fiber Arts outside of Scappoose. No, I am not sick of it yet. Sadly, they are closed on Mondays.

    We have honed in on two others that are nearby and should be open tomorrow. These are All About Yarn and Northwest Wools. I think we'll only have time for serious shopping at one of them, but if whichever we go to first doesn't work for us immediately, we'll zoom over to the other one.

    Will keep you posted.

  • Free Extra Section: Near Shopping Disaster!

  • My flight yesterday was too bumpy for knitting, and I forgot my fancypants headphones, so I read a magazine. It was Gramophone, which is almost as dangerous as a knitting magazine. The minute we got the kids to bed last night I went online and found a DVD of Herbert von Karajan in rehearsal that was mentioned in the mag. We have a conductor in the family, and his birthday is next month so . . .

    They also mentioned a couple of recently-released DVDs of amazing performances conducted by von Karajan. These were not quite as easy to locate. I finally tracked them down at I was so excited I put them right in my cart and went to check out. At the last minute I thought I might want to find out how much 11,700 yen is in American dollars.

    Er, did you say $104 of them?

    OK, maybe I will save my yen for yarn or something.

  • The "This is Not a Coincidence Any More" Section

  • Today I was standing around outside church in Portland when who should come out of the building but my organ teacher. Now, this nice lady is one of the organists at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, so she is not someone I would expect to see in Portland. Turns out she is visiting her daughter, which daughter is a friend of Sharman's and the person I picked up a baby present for last week while I was out and about.

    We all got a pep talk from our bishop last week about doing a better job at our church callings. I thought maybe that meant I should get back into organ lessons. But walking into my organ teacher 700 miles away from home the very next Sunday? Let's scratch the "maybe."

    And the other one: I decided to attend Salt Lake Recorder Society rather than be in Early Music Ensemble this semester to reduce my stress level. So yesterday I got an email detailing the first meeting of the new year. The topic is "New Music," and the assignment to bring either something recently composed or recently discovered.

    OK, I just happen to have a very new and very controversial piece for recorders and krummhorns. I think I'll spruce it up and take it along. What the heck.


    Lynn hat gesagt…

    Oh yeah, love those "coincidences" that *aren't*.

    I'm a little jealous that you're in Portland, and I'm not. I have some great memories of an Easter trip to Seattle with my dad, when I was 15 and Mom couldn't get the weekend off.

    Roses, the size of dinner plates. In March.

    Tola hat gesagt…

    it is 61* here today in Philly. all last week it was 20* and lower. this is crazy weather! and i think you should spruce up your krummhorn piece. and then i want to hear it!

    Joanne hat gesagt…

    Like the new look! Luckily you don't have to worry about cockroaches anymore only giant well-meaning dogs and spastic claw-bearing cats :)

    No tickers