Freitag, Jänner 25, 2008

All in a Day's Mail

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Mardi Gras stuff
From Toomey's

Mardi Gras--if you live in Utah, you have to do it yourself. These are called throws. The grandkids and the piano kids will just throw them at each other. No floats, no parades. Oh well.

Still coming: Zapp's Cajun Crawtators and a king cake mix from Baker's Catalog. You have to have your own babies, though.

king cake babies

Baker's Catalog doesn't include them in the mix for legal reasons. Somebody could swallow one by mistake.The baby is hidden in the cake

Have I told you about Celia and the king cake babies?

Every class at our kids' elementary school had a king cake every Friday between January 6th and Mardi Gras. Whoever got the baby had to bring the cake the next week. You had to buy a pretty big one for the whole class, and they can get expensive. Celia and Todd, in 5th and 3rd grades, respectively, had gotten the baby three times between them. As I dropped them off for school, I said, "And I don't want either of you getting the baby today!"

After school when I picked them up, Celia said, "I'm sorry, I got the baby again." I started to remonstrate, but she interrupted: "It's OK, I swallowed it."

After I had totally freaked out she admitted she was joking.

Longtime friends, relocated to Baton Rouge by Katrina, usually ship us a bakery king cake, too. Fingers crossed. Bakery ones just seem more real than home-made for some reason.

No Rockin' Sock Club package yet, but I did get yarn anyway.

BMFA Silk Thread in Corvid
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silk Thread in Corvid

Wollmeise lace in Guinea Pig #2
Wollmeise Lace-garn in Versuchskaninchen #2

The pictures don't really do them justice. There was a sharp intake of breath at this end as each package was opened.

Next on: cleaning up and putting away groceries until Paul gets home so we can go to a movie. He wants to go to Rambo. I want to go to Sweeney Todd. Paul thinks Sweeney Todd is too violent. We'll do Rambo tonight and see if there are any teensy, weensy little moments of violence in it. Ya think? That will give me the ammo I need (pun heh heh) to convince Paul to go to Sweeney Todd tomorrow.


Joanne hat gesagt…

Ooo, your Wollmeise is beautiful! Sweeney Todd only has a ton of blood in it but it's a musical, so it kinda neutralizes it. Good Luck!

Tola hat gesagt…

tell me if you think my 13 y/o DD would be okay seeing Sweeney Todd. she is in love with Johnny Depp but i think it will be too violent for her. although we do own 13th Warrior, and its rated R.

Turtle hat gesagt…

laughing at the baby story!

Tricia hat gesagt…

Beautiful yarn. I've loved Blue Moon for ever, and Wollmeise is also a favorite.
Thanks for stopping by Earthly Hues!

Justin hat gesagt…

That's a great story about Celia and the Gâteau des rois.

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