Sonntag, Dezember 23, 2007

On the Twenty-third Day of December . . .

. . . we had horn carolers:

The green stripe across the picture is meant to keep the children's faces from being seen while allowing the music to continue. I wonder if it's too late to put "Roxio Creator 9 for Dummies" on my Christmas list?

The performers, from left, are:

Jeff's sister on flute, my son Howard on french horn, "favorite other sons"* Roger, Rich, and Jeff, Rich's brother James. MIA: Kyle, who is in Germany with his family this Christmas.

Horn carolers have been an integral part of our Christmas for many years--since the guys were in high school, and Howard graduated twelve years ago. Most of them don't play regularly any more. For example, one is getting a PhD in choral conducting, and his main instrument is piano. Howard's main instrument is actually trumpet, but he was successfully showing off during his warmup, playing lip trills and and a jazzy, valve-free version of jingle bells on the horn.

So there you have it. Not professional, but it's Christmas, from our house to yours.

*The Favorite Other Sons were Howard's friends who were partly raised at our house, while their parents were partly raising Howard. Rich says it in French, but I can't spell it.

P.S. Does that last, lowest note on the bass bone rock or what???!!! Low brass! Low brass!


Lynn hat gesagt…

OK, *now* I'm awake! That was delightful! Especially the low notes. When we were in Provo many years ago, we got to hear a concert featuring a Russian double-bass. "Moscow Nights" remains one of my favorites.

Merry Christmas, madam! I'm off to make the world safe[r] from plaintiff attorneys.

Michael Irwin hat gesagt…

11 sisters quilting
10 percent tithing
8 sweet spirits
5 "Oh my hecks"
4 orange cones
3 jello salads
2 elders biking
popcorn popping on an apricot tree

(we forgot the others)

Michael Irwin hat gesagt…

9 missing off-ramps

Laritza hat gesagt…

Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Big Hugs.

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