Samstag, Dezember 22, 2007

On the Twenty-Second Day of December . . .

. . . it is time to talk about yarn. Somehow, in the midst of all the Christmas preparations, yarn keeps showing up on my doorstep. I think we might have more yarn than snow.

Note: there are some yarn club spoilers at the end of this post. If you are late getting your Booty or your STR, y'all been warned.

Now, to business:

  • There is the Scary, Stiff Yarn category.

  • I had to order this silk and linen laceweight just to see what it was like

    Handmaiden Flaxen in Masala

    but until I have a chance to swatch it and see what it does washed, I can't imagine what to do with it. When I wash my linen tablecloth and hang it to dry, it is stiff enough to stand on end. Will the silk soften this up?

    And then there's this Noro sock yarn:

    I couldn't resist, but it feels like . . . what does it feel like? Sharman suggests raffia. G thinks "rubber bands mixed with string." Again, only swatching will tell. E' me if you test yours before I get around to it.

  • There is the Opposite End of the Scale category.

  • Check out this Pashmina.

    Joseph Galler Yarns Pashmina, colorway Bordeaux

    What the heck can I do with 170 yards? Where is my one-skein book? I was thinking about ankle warmers for my mom, but I Don't Think So now that I've seen it.

    And now grock this one:

    Yarntini Cashmere in Pomtini

    It's soft as a cloud, but no one in my family over the age of six will wear pink. Can a 6-year-old take care of a cashmere whatever?

    Oh, you're asking why I bought it if I don't have a clue what to do with it. It was like, I don't know, the Call of Cthulhu or something.

  • Next: the Almost as Good as Cashmere category.

  • Here we have Dream in Color Classy in two great winter colorways.

    Gothic Rose and Black Parade

    Since I am saving club yarns for last so as not to spoil anyone, it's now time for

  • The Not in the Other Categories category.

  • Here is the Yarn Pirate Christmas colorway, Hawthorn, in that lovely, reflective merino/tencel blend Georgia uses.

    And finally we have

  • The Sock Club Spoilers category.

  • Go away if you are going to get mad at me for this.

    First we have the Potter Covers yarn.

    I have not had a chance to look over the pattern yet. I will be kind of glad when we get past the orange covers and into Order of the Phoenix and Halfblood Prince. Next Carrie should do one of the sets of British covers.

    Today I got both Yarn Pirate Booty Club and Rockin' Sock Club. Tina and Georgia are definitely on the same wavelength. I am seeing deep winter shadows on snow at dusk, only Tina was standing in the woods and it might have been a little later in the evening. Now, this is my interpretation, not the dyers'.

    The name of this colorway is Bella Coola, or in Salish, Nuxalk. Why does that name make me think of vampires? The pattern is by Cat Bordhi. I'm glad I got letter markers.

    The Booty Club selection is called Icicle, and like the Hawthorn, is merino/tencel.

    What am I actually knitting, if I actually get any knitting time?

    Just a minute . . . let me see if I can get these away from Che . . .

    OK! One finished pair of kid mittens! hah hah hah hah hah!

    I might finish my first pair of Lenores. These are the ones where I am having to knit the top separately and graft it on. I plan to knit a second set following the pattern like a good girl.

    Or I might start in on the red mittens.

    However, I still have a headache (42 hours and counting, but luckily not as bad as when it started), and I am not sure I can knit or graft black yarn. I think I'll feel better when the Christmas organ playing is over tomorrow.

    I may just wind Bella Coola and stare at it for a while.


    Tola hat gesagt…

    just call me Cthulu *wink*

    Laritza hat gesagt…

    Mostly reds! Like them all :D
    Your emailed was bouncing yesterday.

    Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

    Sigh. you've got Noro sock yarn. But I shouldn't be envious 'cause I did tell myself I won't try to buy any 'til next month.

    As for the last STR club package for the year, I too am tempted to wind it up & start knitting despite my month's resolution not to do socks. I love it and thank goodness for ordering turtlegirl's alphabet markers! But I should wait anyway since tapmouse's/Leslie's package is MIA still.

    Liz R. hat gesagt…

    Hi!! I foolowed your blog from Ravelry. I started a sock with the new Noro and I'm not that thrilled. It still feels very stiff and itchy. As usual the colors are gorgeous but I'm not so sure about the wearability.

    Merry Christmas!!
    Liz R (lizandjuan on ravelry)

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