Samstag, Dezember 29, 2007

On the Twenty-Ninth Day of December . . .

. . . some birthday loot:

Mad Madam Mim, hand-dyed by Joanne

Eat Your Veggies, hand-dyed by Todd;
this was a phrase he heard a lot
back during the five or six years when
he would eat nothing but
peanut butter sandwiches

the card with a blue moon on it
plays the Star Wars theme and contained a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

Helen and Estra went to the Beatrix Potter museum this summer

Other hot but unphoto'd loot: I still need to dress and photograph my bear, Snuffles, in the bagpiper costume he got from Helen and Estra for Christmas.

Waiting for an episode of Firefly to download onto iTunes so I can try out the #1 hot gift from Paul.

A sweater from Paul was a surprise for both of us--the woman at the woolen mill wrapped up the wrong cardigan! We will try to go back next week and see if the blue one is still there.

. . . in case anyone is following the TiVo saga, it is going back; a new one has been ordered. The consensus between the live Comcast person and the phone TiVo person was that this box wasn't working properly. Have ordered another one, but may have trouble returning the first one--Trusty chewed on the box! If the new one comes in time, can return the first one in the new box . . . but we have only seven business days to do it . . .

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