Montag, Dezember 24, 2007

On the Twenty-fourth Day of December . . .

. . . the stockings were hung on the piano with care
in hopes that Trusty would not get in there.

There has been no knitting today so far. There was a big breakfast, held today instead of Christmas morning to make tomorrow a little calmer. There was a pretty much unnecessary trip to the grocery with half an hour in line--much shorter than the wait for Harry Potter 7, so I'm not complaining. There was some sneaky present opening. There was some salsa making and some seven layer dip making, and some Christmas story reading from the Bible.

When Paul gets home we will also read the Cajun Night Before Christmas, an important Christmas tradition for a pretty long time.

But it's a holiday. There should be knitting. It is very tempting to start a scarf for Paul in that Black Parade we were looking at a couple of days ago. Or a hat for Todd in Blue Moon Leticia, which I have in a masculine colorway (black with green).

And now: Merry Christmas to all,
till I saw you some mo'

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