Freitag, Dezember 21, 2007

On the Twenty-first Day of December . . .

. . . we had some knitting

Tiny Toes held double but I will never remember the color name

and some snow

more snow pictures below

and some crafting

Sharman's completed picture boxes went off to grandmas today

and some clogging in Minnie Mouse shoes

E got these at the Disney Store

and some using of all the Lincoln Logs (TM).

A corrects me to say that after
this picture was taken he found three more pieces, so it was
only MOST of the Lincoln Logs (TM).

. . . my friend Tola got married, only I was not able to go to the wedding since it was a big snowstorm here and the wedding was a half-day drive away. But congratulations, Tola.

. . . in less than an hour it will be the moment of Solstice. Who will tend the hearth overnight?

My fireman, Howard, in his Smurf Coat.
It was part of his uniform for an elite marching band
that performed during the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002.

It won't be me, because I am still not back to normal since MegaMigraine, my friend from early this morning. My brain has been wanting to sleep it off all day.

Are you impressed that I even went outside???!!!


Tola hat gesagt…

i understand your reluctance to drive, but the roads were totally clear. but we under-estimated our timing and got to our own wedding 90 minutes late! i will blog *soon*. love you!

Michael Irwin hat gesagt…

i'm the Other Half, known on Tola's blog as the VIP. thanks for wanting to come, i hope i can meet you sometime. Merry Christmas!

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