Dienstag, Dezember 25, 2007

On the Twenty-Fifth Day of December . . .

I hope you had a lovely day. We did! We had the whole family here (except for Cherry, who is spending the holidays in Germany with a friend) eating dinner and opening presents. As usual, Paul outdid himself.

OK, just a minute, there seems to be a cat in the way (as usual).

There, that's better. Yes, it's a Krummhorn!!!!!

Che got me some Corbie Laci from STR. Here is how it really looks:

And here it is, lightened up so you can see the undertones:

I got one real knitting-related present, two dishcloths from Joanne, in colors that match this gorgeous ceramic she got for me this summer at the farmer's market in Salt Lake.

Paul also got me a wooden set of Tangrams because he thought it was funny that the individual pieces are called Tans. I think it's clever, too--I didn't know that. And I got CDs, including an awesome 2-CD Nightmare Before Christmas that has both the soundtrack and the songs performed by other artists, as in Marilyn Manson, Fiona Apple, and the composer. Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to hear the whole list of my Christmas presents.

And on the subject of things you really don't want to hear--my sister sent us musical crackers this year. The family expects crackers, of course, but we have never had these ones. So of course we tooted away on the whistles and here is the proof. Thanks Christie!

In the first fraction of a second you can see Howard conducting (the set comes with a sort of chopstick-like baton). It sounds more than a little odd because we couldn't find whistle number 1, so Mike had to play 8 every time 1 came up; and whistle number 7, mine, was tuned to the same pitch as Mike's so I had to put my finger over the hole to lower the pitch. I'm not sure number 3 worked at all. Later we found an unpopped cracker, explaining why there was no #1 pitch.

Anyway, what a kick. We made merry, and hope you did, too!

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Michael Irwin hat gesagt…

if you communicate with Cherry before she leaves Germany, will you ask her to look for Aknederm? it's the best stuff to put on pimples and i am almost out. thanks!

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